So happy Christmas/Solstice/Festive Season everyone, I hope we are all having a lovely time sharing it with loved ones near & far, or however we choose to celebrate x And what better than a sharp, positively charged New Moon in Capricorn (exact 3.13pm Dec 26th, AEDT) on top of lucky Jupiter & syncing with the Destiny Point & sparky Uranus; to find a moment of clarity amongst the Saturnalia madness & start to compose some sweet, conscious intentions for the 2020 New Year/New Decade coming up? I mean New Moons are always a clean, fresh perspective -and especially given the sheer power of this magical manifesting astro and the symbolic significance of this new Decade unfolding; the choices we m


So this Pluto/Saturn conjunction throbbing away ever more insistently in the background is a bit of a bitch. I mean it’s the most spectacular opportunity for deep, empowering personal growth, facing our demons courageously & phoenixing out the other side all shiny & new -so yeah its worth getting gritty & owning the process. But meanwhile WTF, some of the crap we’ve been dealing with lately has been pretty hardcore right? So thank goodness for the Jupiter/Uranus trine in the last few days to lift the vibe to more positive settings, remember it’s all gonna be ok if we keep it high end -and the importance of making time for good old life-affirming fun amongst it all. Is there something wonderf


Gemini Full Moon is on, exact 3.12pm Dec 12th, AEDT. And this one comes with a Saturn/Pluto conjunction throbbing in the background, calling us to face and conquer our personal demons-which is great & so empowering. But also we want to watch a tendency for black & white, literal thinking about notions of right & wrong in our lives; under such intense pressure to do gritty personal transformation right now... Yes we're under the pump to dig deep, and we find our treasures of personal transformation in dark, challenging places-so ferocious shadow work is our thing. But taking ourselves too seriously or re-attaching to gnarly old issues just because we're finally dealing with them not so much,


Jupiter in Capricorn today -are we feeling a subtle shift in the force, to clarify our most rebellious instincts to actually work them in the world more effectively? Hmmm, and with a whole year ahead of the most freewheeling, exuberant, expansive planet of all in the most disciplined, conservative, authority/structure/rules/responsibility oriented sign-what could possibly go wrong, lol? Especially given Capricorn structures are already under immense internal pressure to evolve under the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and Jupiter trining the other maverick planet, Uranus newly in another earthy, grounded sign of Taurus-the imperative to shake up the exisiting order of our lives is becoming quite in


December is upon us and the scopes are up, to guide us through the intensity: Because it's kind of dominated by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction brewing deep under the surface of whatever is going on in our lives right now -it's a cathartic, transformative reality check! We face off our demons with a fierce internal locus of power (thank you Mars in Scorpio); to access a raw, primal authenticity about who we are & how to live, love & thrive in the world. Which requires a swift demo/rebuild of any structures in our lives that no longer serve us (thank you Uranus in Taurus) -ready or not. So thank goodness for Jupiter joining Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn from Dec 3rd, to rev up any new paradigm scen


PISCES/PISCES RISING Exuberant Jupiter in your social sector from Dec 3rd is a call to get out & about amongst it, mingle & expand your reach in the world. It’s less comfy down time on the couch & more connecting with your wider human family. Because the coming year is a more sparkling Pisces social life –and no better time to practise have some good old life-affirming fun with your tribe than December party/festive season huh? Also you may be coming into a bit of a woke, open minded awareness of the broader social/political/community issues going on around you-and increasingly looking to become a bit more involved & active in the world, to do your bit for the accelerated collective evolutio


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING Babe it’s lucky you are such a cosmic wild child, because December is incandescent with astro action in your magical soul sector; and you want to be fully in tune with a higher spiritual/shamanic inspo to embrace the full potential of this month as follows: Pluto/Saturn in have been plumbing the depths of your psyche like a search and destroy mission; to root out any defunct, narky self-sabotage patterns and clean house big time. I mean we all have skeletons in the closet/complex unconscious emotional issues it’s not just you; it’s just your time to shine a ruthless light on your crap/face your demons with conscious intent & spiritual/emotional discipline to work it


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING Oh boy, is Capricorn host to a spectacular cosmic line up right now or what?? You are the sign most likely to be incandescent with personal potential this month as follows: Your ruler Saturn conjunct Pluto is game changing, heavy-duty transfiguration of the material structures/psycho-sexual-emotional issues in our lives & revealing the fundamental psychological dynamics driving our security issues around this. It’s primal, foundational and powerfully transformative IF we’re willing to dig deep, relinquish old paradigms/face our demons etc and courageously cultivate an internal locus of power, to clean up our act & thrive in the dramatically different new chapter ca


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING Well I hope you’ve enjoyed the last year of your ruler Jupiter firing up your freewheeling exuberance in Sag, because Jupiter is in the clutches of disciplinarian Capricorn from Dec 3rd-and it’s about to get real baby! I mean to the extent you’ve been playing with your most expansive dreams lately; you’ve had a fierce intolerance to any tedious details or onerous obligations that you feel might cramp your style. So your rebel heart says good luck to any control freaks trying it on with authoritarian crap, or you entrapped in certain suffocating commitment scenarios right? Aint gonna happen! Yeah but… …Sure you’re more clear about the liberating Sag life plan th


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So you’re loving Mars in Scorpio this month, for the fierce, libidinous lust for life you do so well. You’ve got that sexy, charismatic swagger going on and feeling pretty unstoppable –so you’re hungry to get your teeth into something worth getting passionate about right? Hmmm but what could it be… Well I’m thinking the Full Moon of the 12th reveals all sorts of deep, complex interpersonal dynamics to turn you on. I mean with the power trippy, volcanic Saturn/Pluto astro in your communication sector & sparky Uranus shaking up your relationship sector; it’s a tricky, volatile mating season that would do most other signs heads in. But with confident Jupiter turning up fr


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING So how about Pluto &Saturn digging up your deepest, tricky family dynamics & domestic dramas– I mean if there are any skeletons in the proverbial closet they’re about to be revealed big time! And all the cathartic emotional release that comes with clearing the air with certain loved ones/co-habs, the better to move forward on more authentic terms…this is good… So whether you’re dealing with full-scale emotional triggers/childhood issues/power trips in your personal/family life-in which case well done you; the courage to face this stuff, hold your own with integrity & move forward with a healthy internal locus of power is strong right now. Or just finessing the dynamics of


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING So Saturn/Pluto are brewing hard yakka personal transformation for all of us right now, which some people are finding super tricky, but you are the sign most likely to be having fun with this! So whilst certain individuals might be losing their shizz around you (and you might have to be a bit understanding about that), you are just hitting your stride… I mean despite your cliché reputation for highly-strung neurosis, we know that you are actually such a spunky, classy & capable unit -you just have higher standards to keep up than everyone else right? And Pluto/Saturn with Venus in your talent sector have you cleaning up your act; with a fierce perfectionism to finesse the


LEO/LEO RISING So how you going with Uranus shaking up the Leo career plan, with familiar professional paradigms/job security etc dropping away at warp speed- disconcerting much? Yes, and to the extent you’re choosing to embrace this with a flexible eye to the wild & wonderful new prospects just outside your comfort zone, I’m just saying you’re so onto it & quite the success machine right now: So perfect timing that your work sector is simply busting with potential in December, and so revealing about your true sense of purpose in the world. You have Pluto doing gutsy transformation on the day job to bring it up to speed doing what you do with fierce effectiveness. Or demolishing any gig that


CANCER/CANCER RISING Oh my goodness hallelujah for lucky Jupiter lifting the tone of your relationship sector from Dec 3rd, for a whole year ahead of loving more freely & unconditionally –what a relief! Because Saturn/Pluto intensifying their love lessons here this month have you so acutely aware of any deep, abiding, transformative challenges going on with certain key people in your life. Possibly a brand new version of an existing relationship that looks so different from your old dynamic, but you get how much more it serves this new chapter of your life. The nitty gritty work to reality check & evolve the connection accordingly is a thing! Which could be an explosion of fresh passion with


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING Well you are quite the little lover this month, aren’t you? I mean to the extent you tend avoid nitty gritty feelings with that flighty, flirty, enigmatic charm of yours to keep it sparkly fascinating instead; you’ve been feeling Pluto digging into your intimacy sector for a while now revealing a deeper, more volcanic passion than you are normally known for. And Saturn on Pluto for the next few months has you coming to terms with exactly what this means in terms of serious commitment, healthy boundaries & just how functional your relationship skills need to be to do the hot, powerful, transformative romantic entanglements currently calling your name… Also because a sexy


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING So Uranus in Taurus is your signature astro now & increasingly your new normal for the next several years –and it’s a sparky, maverick, accelerated growth outside your comfort zone phase you’re getting used to: Also because Pluto/Saturn & Jupiter in your expansive 9th house reveal your primal urgency to chase some deeply transformative adventure right now AND acutely aware of the challenging logistics involved in exploring new horizons -how the fuq are you going to pull it off?? If I may take some poetic license, it’s like the buzz of driving a sexy sports car down an open freeway toward some thrilling destination with the wind in your hair. Except there’s a roadblock th


ARIES/ARIES RISING So as the most bolshie, overtly confident sign of all and the natural swagger that tends to propel you through life; you’re not much given to dwell on your sensitive emotional issues let alone reveal your vulnerable side to the world huh? Yeah but you’re still a sensitive soul under that brilliant bravado. And with Chiron hovering around the first degree of Aries right now you’re more in touch with any wounds you’re carrying around about your self worth, and more ready than ever to heal thyself with some good old, honest self-acceptance warts & all. It’s kind of accepting your flaws (we’ve all got them) sans judgement, and also realising how brilliant you are anyway & powe