New Moon in Sagittarius exact 1.05am Nov 27th AEDT-and not a moment too soon: Because the background astro is pretty tricky right now. With Saturn/Pluto brewing a heavy confrontation between our deep dark emotional demons/material insecurities & the fierce discipline we need to keep it together, use this internal combustion to drive us forward rather than implode, and deal with the very real transformation required of us right now. 'And a stormy, volatile Mars/Uranus opposition is the pressure valve that could explode at warp speed under all this tension (tantrum alert much?), or release fresh energy to adapt with alacrity & keep it positive. Aargh so important to choose our reactions wisely


I was just writing this for part of Taurus horoscopes for December, about Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter in their adventure sector... and it resonated so much about all of us trying to evolve fast seemingly against the odds I thought I would post it here. Something to think about to get us ready for the thrills of Dec 2019 -good luck with this one folks x "...Also because Pluto/Saturn & Jupiter.. reveal your primal urgency to chase some deeply transformative adventure right now AND acutely aware of the challenging logistics involved in exploring new horizons -how the fuq are you going to pull it off?? If I may take some poetic license, it’s like the buzz of driving a sexy sports car down an open freew


Full Moon in Taurus, exact 11.34pm Nov 12th, AEDT. To the extent Full Moons are are rising up of whatever emo we've been feeling all month; Taurus is usually pretty lushy, comfortable in our skin & happy to own whatever we're feeling in all it's glorious, grounded authenticity-which is pretty sweet. But then again we can be kind of obstinate about our compelling desires and a bit like the bull in a china shop, charging around venting our feelings just because we're entitled to & fuq anyone who doesn't get on board with our immediate emotional gratification hmmm? Yeah and especially with this Moon triggering the Saturn/Pluto conjunction currently brewing -which is so goddamn intense! Pluto u


So the current Mercury retrograde schedule goes like this: Mercury entered shadowzone from Oct 29th-when things started getting weird... Stationing to change directions Oct 31-Nov 2nd in 'storm' phase -trigger warning for volatile tantrums/devices exploding/biz & personal relationship fuq ups! Mercury officially moving backwards from Nov 2nd-20th, & the usual cautions re dodgy techno devices, online activity, signing contracts/legally binding agreements & complex misunderstandings in our personal communication apply. We ideally take this opportunity to revise/finesse the details & intelligently process the emo being triggered by various delays; but chill the hell out on forcing the issue for


Well thank goodness for Venus rocking into Sagittarius to turn on our wildling, freedom loving moxy! I mean with all the heavy duty, deep dark personal growth going on with the Pluto/Saturn conjunction brewing right now, we could sure use a bit of full scale confidence to deal with it: Pluto/Saturn have us facing off our shadow selves big time, which is supposed to be fierce, awesome, gutsy transformation -and yes we're ideally all over it. But also tempting to dwell upon certain frustrating material circumstances that have been holding us back or obsessively brood over certain intense, tricky interpersonal emotions that are currently being dug up & revealed -rather than actually address & m