So November is here & the horoscopes are up -and omg it's gonna be liberating as fuq! For the scopes this month I have focused on the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which has got us challenging our security issues big time. As in Saturn loves stability & solid future plans -but Pluto basically wants to burn it all down & start fresh with a raw, primal, regenerative new attitude to life. It's kind of ready or not personal transformation from the ground up folks. Especially with Uranus in Taurus smashing any defunct structures in our life, to inspire us with wild new possibilities instead. And to the extent Jupiter in Sag has had us yearning for maximum, uncompromising personal freedom all year; we


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So November begins with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, and you’re immediately alert to the quality of your thoughts & how you express them this month. Because the potential to headfuq yourself with unnecessary self-doubt & the crappy communication that springs from that is a thing… so you get that it’s better to avoid the drama and keep it sweet instead. It’s ok to question everything/transform the Scorpio paradigm as long as you keep the new insights positive, and mind your language in the world to keep the flow of ideas constructive… Especially with Saturn/Pluto saying the impact of your beliefs & the words you’re putting out there have GRAVITAS right now. It’s all a


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING So November kicks of with Venus in your sign, which is nicely auspicious for a beautiful, dolce vita month ahead. I mean with your ruler Jupiter backwards & forwards in your sign recently you’ve been wondering whether lady luck is on your side or what -veering between your wildest dreams coming true & WTF type delays doing your head in much?? Yeah it’s been a trip, but with Jupiter now direct & Venus onside you’re like ‘fuq it, I’m going to shine with radiant gorgeousness, talent & charisma no matter what –look out world I’m ready to rock’. Because you’re the sign most likely to thrive on positive affirmations –you literally cannot tolerate resigning to despair


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING You’ve got to love your ruler Saturn & sexy Pluto hooking up in your sign right now, to dig deep & come to terms with just how powerful you can be. I mean everyone else is freaking out about the hard yakka personal growth going on here; but even though you’re feeling it harder than most you are so fuqing turned on by the sheer determination to thrive it’s awakening in you –this is like your natural state! So Saturn being your ruling planet is honing the naturally fierce Cappy discipline & pragmatic nous to next level lean, mean effectiveness. And Pluto says ok, let’s strip back any illusions about what you want in life whilst we’re at it-if it’s not serving you may


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING So Saturn/Pluto in your soul sector right now is pretty revealing about the inner Aquarius psychic landscape huh? I tell you what any deep, dark personal issues you’ve been carrying around (and lets face it we’ve all got them) are about to be blown out of the water! …Um it’s the season to drain the swamp much? This is primo astro for revealing & facing your demons with the most powerful, gutsy courage you’ve felt for years. I mean it might be confronting, but so worth it-because if you’re ever going to transform the Aqua paradigm on the deepest level & rise up singing with a shiny, renewed sense of meaningful soul purpose in your life…omg if not now, when?? Especiall


PISCES/PISCES RISING So with lucky Jupiter nearly finishing a year in your biz sector you’re aware of how far you’ve come, chasing your most expansive career aspirations & maximum freedom to work on your own terms when, where & how you want. Excellent & Venus in your biz sector from the 3rd sets you up nicely, for a fully confident professional month to that end: You’ve got the sheer talent to shine at whatever you do- I mean fuq faking it till you make it you’re OWNING your innate brilliance right now, and fully onto whatever shameless self-promotion is going to broadcast it to the world. Including you get that looking good, glamming up your work wardrobe/polishing your brand, finessing the


ARIES/ARIES RISING So Saturn/Pluto are hell bent on full scale transformation of the Aries career paradigm right now, and you might as well get with the programme because this game changing astro is gathering momentum ready or not! It’s like on minute you’ve been considering tweaking your professional plan a little/maybe considering a possible new gig & the next minute you’re in full demolition mode with the ruins of all your old ambitions crumbling away. I mean you’re not ditching the innate talent you’ve been cultivating all this time; just dragging it kicking & screaming into a whole new stage of your life -and ready to rebuild a way more powerful, sexy, uncompromising version of doing yo


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING So how you going with the unstoppable force meets the immovable object situation going on right now? The unstoppable force for change being Uranus in Taurus blowing a gale of crazy, unexpected new circumstances through your life & suggesting you adapt asap …and the immovable object, of course, being you! I think we’ve established that the famous Taurean obstinacy & mulish devotion to the status quo is a bit of a cliché but still; you may be having a go at just how intractable you can be when you’re being forced out of your comfort zone, and you choose to dig your heels in & try to resist? And Uranus is like good luck with that bitch - you’ve got several years ahead of ra


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING I’m not sure you’re ready for Pluto/Saturn in your deep dark 8th house, but it’s coming anyway so let’s figure it out: I mean not to take a cheap shot at the cliché of Gemini being some kind of shallow bimbo –you’re way more complex & interesting than that, but (no offence) your emotional concentration span does occasionally leave something to be desired hmmm... As in you are the most delightful, fascinating, enigmatic creature to connect with, but when it all gets too heavy your eye kind of wanders toward the nearest escape route? Maybe not so much fear of commitment (you adore being in a relationship), as fear of being swamped by suffocating emo & even more fear of bei


CANCER/CANCER RISING So Saturn/Pluto brewing a volatile vibe in your love sector could feel a little ominous; as in you sense you’ve got to dig a little deeper to work though any relationship issues and it could reveal a motherlode of previously unresolved crap/force the issue on stuff you’d rather avoid? And yeah you’re probably right... But also this could be the most brilliant, sexy, positively life affirming opportunity to renew the commitment on more authentic grounds huh? It’s so timely to get your connections wonderfully clear & anyway it’s coming, ready or not! Especially with Mars in your home sector square Pluto around the 5th then the Full Moon of the 12th, family dynamics could s


LEO/LEO RISING So how you going with the wild ride that is the Leo career right now? I mean Uranus turning up recently has already rocked the professional status quo; so good luck coasting along in autopilot -aint gonna happen! Maybe your current gig is pushing you outside your comfort zone, to fab new levels of achievement you didn’t know you were capable of? Maybe your current gig is feeling unhinged/pushing you out/you’re frankly over it and you’re looking for something new -but it’s gotta be next level exciting/game changing right? Maybe a light bulb moment sparks some brilliant new plan just because your genius is peaking, and it’s so inspired but is it realistic hmmmm? Also because Sa


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING Well everyone’s freaking out about Saturn/Pluto digging up our deep dark issues for the purpose of gutsy, transformative personal growth right now, to force any long overdue structural change in our lives –but funnily enough you’re kinda cool with it. Because in your case it’s happening in your talent/self expression sector; and whatever you have to do to unearth your latent brilliance at whatever you do well, and work that much harder to get even better at it is kind of a turn on to be honest. I mean you’re not one to be scared of a bit of healthy self-discipline, fiercely perfectionist personal growth is your thing! If anything., with your ruler Mercury retrograde it’s a


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING So Mars in your sign has you strutting around the world feeling pretty fabulous & seizing life’s opportunities with ferocious confidence. Which has recently synced with the Destiny Point in your career sector, so you start Nov already onto the vocational plan and happily working the hell out of it so the biz scenario is kind of on track huh? Then Mars triggers the Saturn/Pluto action in your home sector around the 5th, and you’re suddenly acutely aware of just how much the domestic/family scenario could do with a shake up to support your forward momentum in the world: I mean Saturn is all about security issues & maintaining the status quo -because a safe, solid foundation


OMG what a trip is this Scorpio New Moon, exactly opposite sparky Uranus to wake us the fuq up emotionally! Our feelings are always deep, primal & insistent in Scorpio, which can sometimes lure us into s swamp of brooding, moody intensity about whatever obsession our desire nature has locked onto. We want what we want & our hungry hearts are yearning to be satisfied, according to certain fixed expectations hmmm? But to the extent New Moons are a fresh perspective, Uranus has this one lit with incandescent clarity. It's such a sudden release point of any skanky old attachments, the better to lighten up, keep moving and focus on clean. clear new intentions. It's the proverbial light bulb momen


Full Moon in Aries, exact 7.07am Oct 14th, AEDT -and it's a fiery one! I mean Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emotional dynamics have been brewing lately, & this one is releasing such a floodgate of primal feelings to keep it real... Aries is lust for life at the best of times, with an insistent imperative to assert our will in the world to make stuff happen our own terms for the the thrill of instant gratification -great, but dramatic tantrums if things don't go our way much?? Because this Moon is in an exact, tense aspect with Pluto brooding on our deepest desires -we want what we want & we want it now! Yeah but Saturn involved says we better be ready to do some serious perso


So Mars freshly in Libra may give us pause for a moment of indecision about where we’re heading. Maybe a new choice about the next step, which feels like a significant crossroads in our life we hadn’t seen coming? ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣And, with Mercury in Scorpio we have to think deep & calibrate our success strategies a bit more carefully, one way or the other….⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Especially in regard to suddenly considering our alliances, and who we may offend and/or enlist in our favourite schemes should we choose to follow our dreams & shine…. hmm a bit of fancy footwork & careful diplomacy could go a long way here, for win/win scenarios with the important people in our lives huh? ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣I mean it’s all about M


October is here, it's Libra season & the scopes are up. And Libra says its all about harnessing our powerful creatrix energy, with the creative discipline of Mars in Libra to magically manifest whatever is important to us right now. We've got a Full Moon in Aries mid month, to own our personal growth imperatives and walk our talk with spunky self assurance. Then the Scorpio New Moon of late October brings our personal connections into line, for more harmonious, passionate & authentic relating, And Uranus newly in Taurus is revealing so many new, weird & wonderful ways to make material abundance happen in our lives on our own terms. How fun- happy October everyone x And more detail for your s


ARIES/ARIES RISING So with Venus in your love sector recently you’ve been feeling kinda frisky & romantic-or at least attracting a bit more attention from your partner, potential lovers etc to pique your interest hmmm? Because your sexy ruler Mars joining Venus from the 4th ups the ante on Aries mating season- you suddenly get that relationships/certain special people in your life really do matter! I would be paying attention to whoever is on the scene/coming at you with any kind of clear, direct or passionate intentions this month; they could be ready to rock your world one way or the other. Also, Mars opposite Chiron in Aries kind of flushes out any tensions brewing re interpersonal dynami


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING So Mars in your day job sector this month gives you something tangible to focus all that tetchy, restless Uranus energy in your sign-pick up tools and do some work! Yes I reckon you’ll feel clearer & fully energised, the more you pick up your professional game with your best, most determined work ethic. Because the effort to get up of a morning & go chase your goals with raw, ferocious determination is 1. Quite enjoyably stimulating, actually and 2. Ok some of your schemes & dreams could be kind of weird & wonderful risky right now (thank you Uranus), but still a damn sight better than boring yourself to tears holding onto the status quo (no offence) because of the Tauru


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING So you know how they say the creative process is 10% inspiration & 90% perspiration? Well Venus/Mercury have been lushing up your self-expression recently, to play with the kaleidoscopic ideas that spring from that brilliant, multifaceted mind of yours-you’re a veritable font of creative inspo but that’s only the beginning. Now here comes Mars from the 4th Oct, to follow through with the 90% grunt to back your innate talent with real creative discipline… Excellent, then you leverage all that career wise, with Venus in your day job sector from the 9th. Showing off those skills you’ve been finessing, looking good with a polished professional wardrobe, schmoozing workplace