New Moon today, exact 4,25am Sept 29th AEST, and it's pure Libra loveliness... New Moons are always a chance for fresh emotional perspective on whatever's going on, and in Libra it's aways more likely to be the quality of healthy, harmonious relating that inspires us. Especially with this Moon nearly smack bang on the midpoint between Venus & Mars -in other words an emotional clarity pulling the archetypal lovers toward one another. This is a stunning opportunity to tune into the essential romantic chemistry in our relationship, and rekindle the spark/love one another up more than ever? Or if single, more likely to be be aware of some promising attraction coming our way hmmm? It;s basically


Pisces Full Moon, exact 2.32pm Sat 14th, AEST. Pisces Full Moons are always pretty cosmic & inspirational, and this one is particularly, super-duper lit up, right on top of spooky Pisces ruler Neptune & all. To the degree all the feelings we've been dealing with (or not) recently tend to rise up on a Full Moon, Neptunian moods are pretty oceanic & potentially overwhelming -on the plus side we're REALLY in touch with our emotions! Including such heightened intuition we can read the most subtle cues about our own, and one another's needs with exquisite precision. And with Mars involved, if we trust our instincts this can be the best, life affirming vitality walk our talk in the world wth such


So I've been talking in the September horoscopes about the weird love energy this month (more detail for your sign here). With Venus & Mars in sync there's lots of romance in the air, and especially with the Sun pulling them together is classic astro for our more enduring commitment scenarios to thrive. And being in Virgo with Virgo ruler Mercury also involved, it's a chance for some sparkling flirty, effective communication to bring the necessary emotional oxygen to our relationships/attractions, to cultivate the essential mutual understanding we need to love authentically... And with love goddess Venus square lucky Jupiter & trine commitment orientated Saturn right now, and in a hot, wildl


September is here & its lean, mean, fresh Virgo season to clean up our act & pull ourselves together-yes & also mystical as fuq to ensure we're shining with our highest inspiration. We have lucky Jupiter picking up pace direct after months of retrograde thwarting certain cherished dreams-which are now happily ready to be newly embraced; and restore our faith with a bit of positive momentum to turn us on to our best, meaningful purpose-omg finally! We have Uranus retro in Taurus shaking up our assumptions about material success. Reliable security not so much, but if we can keep up with strange new developments with a bit of flexible alacrity; could be a whole new healthy, wealthy & wise parad