Bit of a Libra Full Moon today, to calm us down and maintain balance amongst all the fluxy Marcury retro & Uranus in Taurus upheaval going on around us. Big change is in the air folks, and all the personal transformation that that entails; especially with the healer Chiron involved, to ameliorate any anxiety we feel about the unknown coming at us by focusing on the exciting, game changing new opportunities coming at us instead! Lets find out best, Libran equilibrium this week, the better to remain beautifully cool, composed and magically manifest with ease & grace amongst it all huh? Happy Full Moon x Image: the wonderful Serpentfire


Move house during Mercury retrograde they said, it'll be fun they said... Aargh so Gypsyqueen is moving house this week; and juggling all the usual overwhelm of relocation with a tricky data migration process to my new software dev peeps, in prep for my upcoming app launch- OMG Mercury retro stress much??? And ahem, realising that under the deceptively minimalist decor of my house lurks a slightly extravagant hoarding habit of accumulating lovely things over the last 6 years ...just as I'm trying to lighten up for a bit of freewheeling adventure in 2019 -thank you Uranus in Taurus to help me ditch whatever is no longer necessary -even if it is pretty, waaaah. So if I'm not posting much or re


Image; via, unable to find original source for this fab picture So Mars in Taurus (Feb 15th-April 1st) is usually all about tuning into our most sensual desire nature, indulging our greedy appetites and settling into lush, delicious, immediate gratification mode like a Bull in Rut right? And/or settling into our most comforting comfort zone of material/financial/lifestyle security and blissfully chewing our cud, maintaining the usual habits/routines and chilling out in the happy stability of nothing much changing & every little thing is gonna be alright? And yes of course, there's nothing wrong with being supremely comfortable in our skin and the life affirming satisfac


Pisces New Moon, exact 2.03am March 7th AEDT to keep our dreams alive & life enchanted... To the extent New Moons are always a rush of fresh emotional perspective; in Pisces we're especially in touch with our raw, instinctive feeling nature and with Pisces ruler Neptune all over this Moon the rush is almost overwhelming in it's oceanic intensity. I tell you what, it's not a question of feeling our feelings right now-they've got our number- but whether or not we can admit it/hold the space in emotional authenticity/handle the tidal emo moving through us? Because Neptune is a tricky. Yes Neptune can align us so beautifully with our divine, truly inspired emotional and spiritual clarity, the be


Uranus into Taurus March 6th, right on a magical New Moon heralds several years ahead of powerful rut busting to wake us up big time: Taurus loves a comfy, re-assuring comfort zone in which to chew our cud and settle into blissful contentment with the status quo... but guess what? Uranus couldn't give a fuq about that-ha! Uranus wants to shake us up to the very core of our foundational assumptions about material stability/security issues/stubborn habits and launch us into a much more liberating, exciting & game changing era of exploring wildly innovative new ways of doing things...literally ready or not. So if you're madly trying to pin down predictable structures in your life, resisting imp


Venus is now in Aquarius (from March 2nd-28th), and after the tight discipline of Capricorn Venus lately it's a relief to shake it up and enjoy a more liberated approach to love, mating, beauty, biz and art. The better to have fun being as kooky, unique and flamboyant as we like in our personal expression, professional brilliance and personal relationships. OMG Especially with Aqua ruler, Uranus rut busting our safety zones big time in Venus ruled Taurus; it's time to walk on the wild side a bit and embrace the changing circumstances in our lives as an opportunity for fabulous growth, rather than resist the inevitable new chapter coming at us, huh? ​Image: Rosalind Russel, Auntie Mame LOVE &