Full Moon in Capricorn, exact 2.51pm June 28th, AEST. So Full Moons are always checking in with how we feel about stuff- and in Capricorn it's about our relationship with personal discipline, external authority, power hierarchy dynamics and ideally the integrity and guts with which we power forward/climb the ladder of success etc. Great. But be warned, this Moon has Capricorn boss-planet Saturn smack bang on top of it-so politics, power, control freaky shizz and awesome, challenging levels of self-control & perseverance have got our number this week big time! It's an incredible opportunity to cleave to the singularity of our ambition, purpose in the world, self mastery and laser-like intenti


It's Venus in Leo season till July 10th folks, and time to get our strut on! This is always great for unleashing our fabulous spunk, magnificent talent, gorgeous good looks, full tilt glamour; because we're pretty unencumbered by false modesty, to be honest. It's all about living large and bringing as much vitality, colour and life-affirming creative expression to the world as we can: Because Venus rules our core creative aptitude; the raw talent that -should we do the work to properly polish it up- becomes our very own brilliant, unique, gifted expertise and flair that we can show off more unapologetically than ever. And gosh don't we love the applause right now! Yep, we're all show ponies


Image: Philippe Sainte-Laudy Photography New Moon in Gemini, exact 6am June 14th, AEST. And the fresh, promising possibilities of New Moon energy is syncing effortlessly with our best, playful Gemini attitude here: Because this Moon is unencumbered by too many other significant planetary influences-so we get to do a kind of pure, straight up Gemini version of moving forward this month... so how does Gemini love to grow, hmmm? Communication-the need to connect wth one another verbally. Could be drilling down on some key dialogue in our lives, to explore and finesse an important relationship on our work/personal/whatever realm? Could be the thrill of sparkly, incandescent repartee & sharing id