Full Moon in Scorpio coming up for some sexy transformation, exact 11am April 30th, AEST. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emotions have been brewing all month, and in Scorpio there's always plenty simmering under the surface! We are coming to terms with our most passionate desires, hungry appetites and deepest, most vulnerable feelings about whatever is going on in our lives right now. It's kind of raw, kind of libidinous and totally empowering if we can own it! The more we can come to terms with where we are and what we want to be; the more we can dig deep to find the courage to face our demons with grace/move beyond our fears and come out stronger, more resilient and ready to


Venus has just shimmied into Gemini, bringing a wonderfully light touch to our love, relating, beauty and creativity mojo. This is where we get to explore our playful side until May 20th, and delighting in the most lovely mutable, cerebral, multi-faceted aspects of our self expression, rather than taking things too literally or allowing any heavy shizz to bring us down. Which is lucky, as the Pluto/Mars smackdown this week is temptation to get into all kinds of brooding intensity just for the sake of drama, and we want to watch that. Especially to the extent that Venus rules romantic love and Mars rules sexual desire; we ideally use this sparky Gemini energy to lighten the fuq up rather than


The New Moon in Aries has just launched us into full-throttle, fired up go-gettem mode. We've got a plan, we're ready to go and, in true Aries style we're not interested in compromise. Especially with Aries ruler Mars on bitch Lilith and approaching potent Pluto, we've got the goods to power on, transform ourselves if necessary and make stuff happen asap. It's a kinda lust for life, libidinous, now-or-never attitude that's going to get us there this week. Oh yes. But wait. Mercury is still turning direct in storm phase-the most tricky part of the whole retrograde to be honest; when we feel the need to suddenly force the issue on recently stalled dialogues/negotiations and most likely to blun


So Mercury retro seems to have hit peak angst this week! With every step forward apparently plagued by the most irritating dramas, like some mad mercurial monkey on our back chasing us around and kyboshing our every move: And it's all classic Mercury retro: stifling bureaucratic details crap/techie outages/broken gadgets/lost property disappearing into some weird vortex for no apparent reason/messy financial transactions/vehicles breaking down just when we're in a hurry to be somewhere/best laid plans requiring constant re-evaluation/communication all over the shop -you know the drill. Aargh? Fear not folks, Mercury stations direct on April 15th and it's all about to start making sense agai


Image: Alexandra Tomlinson by Jacques Olivar for Marie Claire Italia Me wishing I looked this cool as I work through the mountain of admin I've been dealing with this week. So I've been posting that Mars/Saturn recently, during Mercury retro could have us drilling down on the details in full-on practical mode, and slaying the inevitable obstacles on the way? Yep, and sure enough I've found myself sitting at my desk talking to every boring govt dept/call centre known to man dealing with apparently every dreary bureaucratic detail I've been avoiding like, forever. And madly finessing the logistical details with my fab collaborators, for my upcoming biz venture (insert shameless promotion- bril


Venus shmoozes into Taurus, to lush up our love, beauty, charm and creative sensibilities from April 1st-24th. Because Venus loves being in Taurus! She's on home turf here, in one of the signs of her rulership where she gets to luxuriate and really feel into her divine, earthy feminine power- and so do we... This is where we get right into the physical reality of our most sensual, palpable desire nature, with a healthy appetite for pleasure and luxuriant comfortability in our own skin -just because it comes naturally and feels so good right now. Image: Sophia Lauren And with Mars/Saturn/Pluto throbbing in the background we have are driven by a slow burning determination and capacity to do th


When it's still Mercury retrograde AND Mars, the plant of forward locomotion is stalled in a slo-mo reality check with dreary old Saturn this week. Tedious much? Yep we're practicing our grown up patience right now & aint much we can do about it, so might as well suck it up, stick with the programme and assume it's character building, I mean what other choice do we have right? Or I guess we could practice our best, sooky pout and go all passive aggressive on any tedious delays or whoever is holding us up (pass-aggressive is a Mars/Saturn speciality) -which may or may not be a good look. Patience please -it's all going to fire up big time when Mars meets Lilith & Pluto in the second half of A


Image: Florien Tenk Mars is travelling strong in Capricorn, the sign of his exaltation from March 18th-May 16th, so we're in the middle of a particularly energised phase right now to get a move on and claim whatever we feel is important to us with a keen eye on successful outcomes-yes indeed. But the lusty impatience of Mars does have a slightly conflicted relationship with the hard discipline and slow moving imperatives of Capricorn energy. So we're crazy impatient with any obstacles on our path (and yes there will be a few); but also understand it's properly character building and it's precisely the challenges coming up now that will help us get ahead in the long term, if we embrace them w