It's Eclipse season, and the Aquarius New Moon of Feb 16th is our partial Solar Eclipse for the month. The pure, inspirational power of this Moon is lit up by the sparky combination of visionary Aqua ruler Uranus, clever Mercury and lucky Jupiter. This is the gift of really understanding our capacity for conscious intention: when our mind is as clear as a bell and we take full responsibility for the thoughts/expectations/belief systems we are are projecting into the world, the world around us changes and we begin to really grasp the meaning of magical manifestation. Yes, our potential to attract positive events and transformations in our lives according to our thinking clearly, optimisticall


Venus into Pisces from February 11th-March 7th is some fab, heightened inspiration for our love, art, beauty and personal charisma for the coming month. Permission to get channel more oceanic feelings and subtle instincts without analysing things too much-for an easier flow and help us navigate the intense headspace of the Aqua Eclipse mid month with natural emotional authenticity, creativity and magical intuition. And to the extent Venus rules love; in Pisces we are all about high romance, rapturous attraction and rarified soulmate connection -we want to really feel it in our souls! But also lots of slippery room to move-it's not so much the heavy Us Talks or forced commitment that turns u