December is here and the scopes are up. It all begins with a Mars/Uranus opposition to smash up any tedious status quo and electrify us with a sense of cool new possibilities; perfectly setting the tone for what is a most liberating month. I mean it's Sagittarius season; and it's all about Saturn out of Sag from the 20th; where we all reclaim any healthily rebellious/adventurous tendencies we might have been quashing these last few years and get our groove on again! I mean I'm not gonna lie to you, as a full-blooded Sag myself I'm all over this and can't wait so I'm probably not the most objective astrologer on this lol-but honestly late December is going to be more fun and expansive than we


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING OMG thank fuq for Saturn about to finally depart your income/money sector! It’s almost like the planet of limitation has been cramping your earning style bad over the last few years- poverty consciousness/investing in biz with no immediate gratification/working for the man and getting nowhere much? Well if that’s been the case it’s all about to officially change from Dec 20th -you’re about to get ahead again… Because do admit that you’ve learned some valuable money management skills recently –even beyond that innate financial savvy of yours. And you’re ready to put that to good use as Venus brings a brilliant new attitude to bringing your natural talent (whatever that


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING To the extent that you have your own version of bossy-boots/fiercely assertive self-determination covertly lurking under that sweety-pie charm of yours (admit it, lol)? Mars in your sign since late October has helped you to come to terms with your determined wilfulness and express your desires more overtly. So if you’ve been enjoying this, you’ve got till Dec 10th to strut around and metaphorically keep flexing your muscles in the world for a good time. Because from the 10th Mars joins lucky Jupiter in your cash sector and you focus your newly empowered confidence to firing up the Libran income! The next 6 weeks, and particularly by early Jan is brilliant for setting up th


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING The Full Moon of the 4th tunes you into some awesome gut instincts about how to work the Virgo career this month. And funnily enough your intuition could be saying that it’s all about a solid home base –as the real, essential foundation from which to launch yourself into the vocational/biz world right now. Because Saturn has been busy grinding down a big learning curve in your personal life these last few years. Maybe you’ve been hard at work building a more sustainable domestic scenario; with savvy real estate choices/saving some coin to that end/creating a sanctuary to support and energise you and/or cultivating (and committing to) the best family/tribe dynamic around yo


LEO/LEO RISING To the extent that you are the sign most about honouring your innate creative spark, raw talent and the brazen moxy to put yourself out there with fearless self-expression no matter what? Saturn in your talent sector these last few years has been an interesting exercise in the discipline of thinking long and hard about what you’re really, genuinely good at and the honest elbow grease required to polish your skills to maximum effectiveness. It’s been revealing, and maybe even confronting but now you’re ready to walk your talk re this… Good. Because Saturn into your day-job sector form the 20th is about applying whatever core competencies you’ve got a handle on, with an increasi


CANCER/CANCER RISING Well to the extent you’ve been feeling any pressure-cooker expectations/tough work ethic on the day job and/or stumped by your own limiting beliefs about your professional capacity these last few years? You’re just counting down the days until taskmaster Saturn gets the fuq out of your work sector by the 20th- finally! I mean chances are you’ve been working your ass off recently. Whether driven by some ambitious goal or sheer necessity; you’re probably much closer than you think to some kind of cool pay-off, or at least genuine validation that you’ve given it your best shot. And now you get to relax and bask in your hard won success, or at least drop that insidious need


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING Well if Venus into your love sector from the 2nd makes you feel like it could be mating season? Oh yes, there’s some big romantic energy brewing this month… Venus brings renewed, delicious attention from your lover and you respond with the same romantic generosity (it doesn’t actually matter who reaches out first of course-it’s the sweetness of the gesture that counts); the better for your connection to shine in its full, loving potential. Or if single you are that much more likely to share a mutual attraction with someone cute and the romantic confidence on both sides to flirt it up/hook up/perhaps explore more serious partnership potential… Because the last days of Sat


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING Well how good is difficult Saturn finally out of your sex/intimacy sector by the 20th and love goddess replacing him from the 2nd and sexy Mars in your partnership sector from the 10th: OMG your deeper interpersonal dynamics are finally going to lighten up and be energised, pleasurable and be fun again! I mean Saturn has effectively been overhauling your whole love life for the past 5 years; and you can rightly take stock and be proud of any hard won emotional maturity, romantic patience, commitment skills and healthy independence etc you have achieved in this time. To the degree that you now know more about what you want/don’t want/respectful relating, you are really go


ARIES/ARIES RISING Get ready, taskmaster Saturn is preparing to hit your biz/vocational sector by the 20th and he’s got your number! What is brewing is a massive focus on the Aries career as you come into 2018; and you ideally begin cultivating some clear intentions around this now, huh? Because you are about to hit your stride in terms of any ambitions you’ve been brewing over the last several years; and it’s all about doing the work to progress in a sustainable, pragmatic fashion over the next few years: it’s one of those phases when you can rock some major, hard won success if you stay focused and don’t lose the work ethic just when you really need it, know what I mean? Meanwhile it’s not


PISCES/PISCES RISING So Saturn in your biz sector these last few years may have been a bit of a drag; with some kind of tireless work ethic hauling your ass over the coals and testing your professional commitment to whatever it is that you do? And now you’re wiser and more grounded in your vocational stance-you’re so relieved that Saturn officially gets off your case by Dec 2oth, just in time to let your hair down and enjoy the festive season with a levity and ease you haven’t felt in years. Hallelujah! Which makes Venus into your biz sector from the 4th so much more rewarding. Your professional groove is now running more on your own raw charisma and creative confidence, shmoozy charm and lo


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING The Full Moon of the 4th is a nice, intuitive insight into whatever innate talent you are rocking best right now; and the creative confidence, promotional opportunities and panache to put your magnificence out into the world- this should be fun! Because with lucky, expansive Jupiter in your career sector you are thinking big (mediocrity aint an option) and ready to embrace success, and with Mars on board from the 10th you’re ready to work for it! Yes, a more aggressively ambitious attitude to your vocational potential means that you nail those professional intentions and walk your talk huh? I mean apart from anything else, with sparkly Venus in your social sector fro


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING So are you ready for your ruling planet, Saturn, moving into your sign from Dec 20th? Any intentions around your personal self-mastery and bigger ambitions coming up now have 2 1/2 years ahead to manifest; so it’s all about finessing your focus/priorities and getting real about what it’s going to take to reach your full potential… Most signs would be freaking out with taskmaster Saturn heading their way, but you have such a natural affinity with the disciplinarian/well-earned-success consciousness of this you’re totally up for it. I mean for goodness sake you have Bitch Lilith newly on board; so you’re more fiercely determined than ever to live authentically and no


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING Operation freedom from the Saturn academy of hard yakka is finally here! I’ve covered the valuable Saturn lessons of the last 2 1/2 years already (see the last few month’s horoscopes) so I won’t go over it again-except to say you’re officially graduating from a BIG learning curve this month, the rewards are coming and it’s all getting better in the following ways: Venus in Sag from the 2nd has you glowing with renewed beauty, style, desirability, personal charisma, shameless self-promotion opportunities and flirty confidence-yass!!! Finally, you’re strutting around rocking that natural, spunky mojo of yours again and loving how good this feels… So with your ann


New Moon in Scorpio, exact 10.42pm November 18th, AEDT -this is a transformative one! New Moons are always a fresh rush of emotional energy and personal possibility, and in Scorpio we dig that much deeper to come up with the raw potential for some truly gutsy, genuine renewal in our lives... Scorpio emotional capacity is potent. We want to feel things as intensely and for real as possible, the better to feel truly alive; and if that means facing down & processing any shadow material we don't duck the challenge- we turn up and own our stuff! And I tell you what, with the wounded healer Chiron in easy aspect to this Moon and lucky Jupiter/lovely Venus also conjunct in Scorpio: this really coul


So as much as Venus is trying to do her seething, emotionally obsessive thing in Scorpio right now-it's becoming harder to maintain the brooding intensity with Venus hooking up with lucky, expansive Jupiter over the next few days-this is so good... The Scorpio emotional authenticity becomes a breezy, natural, transparent process instead of the dubious pleasure of painstakingly cataloging/churning through our favourite skeletons in the emo closet-know what I mean? Once we decide to get over ourselves we are more likely to effortlessly drop whatever deep-dark crap we've been hanging onto lately, and embrace a spontaneous capacity for fun and positive personal growth instead. How fabulous! So o


Watch out- Venus gets down with a spunkier attitude in Scorpio -from November 8th -December 2nd. I've pointed out before that Venus is said to be in her 'detriment' in Scorpio -and yes it can be a tricky placement. A friend of mine amusingly suggested there ought to be an actual support group for people with this astro natally; because it's just so bloody too-hot-to-handle & intense -it can be a bit much for some! But I say that's just because the raw authenticity, primal allure and fuq-off-respect-my-privacy mystique of Scorpio challenges our conditioning to see the Venusian, feminine archetype in simplistic, pleasing terms. But then I have Scorpio Venus natally & I'm in a bitch of a mood


Full Moon in Taurus 4.22pm November 4th, AEDT. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emotion has been brewing this month - and in Taurus it's going to come up with kinaesthetic, tangible insistence. In other words the more subtly we tune into our physical body the more our emotional body can speak to us, because the two are connected even more than usual right now. We feel our passions, thrills, joy, sadness, anger, love etc most powerfully through our physical vitality (or lack of), physical appetites and the subtle aches and pains/healing potential of this with which the body tells us where we are storing any unacknowledged emotion; the better to be present for ourselves and our em