September is coming, and the scopes are up. There's still plenty of Leo season action: Mars coming off meeting the Destiny Point, with fresh resolve to fight for our right to live with spunky authentically and Venus/Mercury in Leo to keep up the standards in terms of glamour, confidence and magnificently creative self expression. We aint sitting idly around waiting for anyone to dictate the momentum of this month -we are creating our own reality with beautiful magical realism don't you know! Much of this magic comes from mystical Neptune on the Full Moon of the 6th, where we embrace a more subtle and imaginative approach to life, the better to move forward with as much emotional congruence/c


LEO/LEO RISING You really can’t go past the Venus/Destiny Point meeting in your sign mid month, for a key theme during September: The Destiny Point (aka the North Node) in Leo since May is a powerful sense of your future potential/personal calling rising up within you; you’re getting a serious handle on long term, visionary plans with the kind of brazen confidence you love! And active till late next year, so plenty of time to explore the potential of this… And with Venus magnifying your innate spunk right now, you love the extra confidence to believe in your own talent and creative prowess and the shameless self-promotion that comes from damn well knowing you’re good at what you do! And also


CANCER/CANCER RISING The Full Moon of the 6th is a nice, expansive start to the month. It’s in your vision sector, and with mystic Neptune on board is permission to scare up some next-level magical thinking about your life and coax your dreams into manifest potential. All you have to do, really, is follow those rocking instincts of yours with tenacious confidence and luckily, this is your brilliant forte so I suspect you will enjoy September… Also Mars in your ideas/communications sector is powerful energy to stick with the courage of your convictions for the next few months, the better to define your values and goals more effectively and the courage to live accordingly. Especially when it c


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING Your ruler, Mercury, buzzing backwards and forwards in your ideas sector has been a mixed blessing lately. I mean on one hand it’s been a bit of a head-fuq trying to keep up with the mixed messages of communication around you/your own fluxy attitudes recently… But what a great opportunity to re-evaluate, refine and evolve your thought process-and you love the mental gymnastics of playing with that brilliant intellect/sparkly wit of yours! Some fab new ideas are rising up, and by the time Venus joins the Destiny Point mid month you could have a beautiful new creative process/promising dialogue on the go… so good and so worth focusing upon right now. Meanwhile Mars into yo


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING Mars in your play/self expression sector from Sept 3rd –Oct 23rd is a fab period of energised living. You come to terms with not only acknowledging the extent of your own core talent, but the determination to push your creative process that much harder, lift your game and get even better at it. Not to mention the confidence to get out there with good old shameless self-promotion and share your brilliance with the rest of the world too! And this is where the Full Moon of the 6th is so great. Inspired networking, bonding with people who really get your visionary brilliance –and any great collaborations that spring from that, and pulling together a magnetised community with


ARIES/ARIES RISING The Full Moon of the 6th vibes kind of self reflective, for a nice rush of spiritual/shamanic/emotional growth to kick off the month with some beautifully inspired intent… and voila, your ruling planet Mars into your work sector tells you where you priorities really lie until late October… You are seized by an unmistakable, kinaesthetic sense of momentum about just how far a decent work ethic and some focused discipline on the day-job can get you right now, and ready to walk your talk on this for as long as it takes to make it happen. Yes, this fierce determination will take you far for the next few months for sure! Especially by the New Moon of the 20th; where you pull to


PISCES/PISCES RISING The Pisces Full Moon of the 6th is a Neptune inspired emotional trip, and a fabulous opportunity to start the month with some real, vulnerable authenticity. Whatever feelings you have been dealing with recently are rising up with almost oceanic intensity and there’s no ducking the realizations –so if you’re tempted to avoid the intensity with escapist distractions/delusional flights of fancy/recreational intoxication? No no no, much better to tune into the powerful insights for a more authentic, tuned-in approach to the rest of the month. I mean you are so exquisitely sensitive right now, with a highly tuned antennae to the subtle energies going on around you, so why not


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING The Full Moon of the 6th is tempting potential for the craziest financial ineptitude -impulse/emo spending, indulging hare brained schemes much? And this would be a waste because actually, there could be some primo inspired intuition about your capacity to fund doing whatever you love/believe in right now, if you remain savvy, focused and on point. And I tell you what, if you play your cards right re high-end income generation schemes in early September; by the New Moon of the 2oth you are looking at such promising biz opportunities! And with the confidence of Mars in your financial negotiations sector, it’s so worth it to stay sane about what matters to you right no


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING You do realize that Saturn/Lilith in your soul sector are currently seeding so many fierce new resolutions about your spiritual purpose, shamanic power to self-create your reality and integrity of emotional self-care right? And you do realize that all this comes together with ferocious self-determination when Saturn hits your sign from this December, right? In other words any internal work you are doing right now is preparing you for the brilliant chapter of self actualization and wordly success that it is your ruling planet, Saturn, empowered in your sign from Dec 2017-Jan 2021. Get ready baby, big things are-coming! Meanwhile, Venus in your sex/intimacy/money sec


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING The Full Moon of the 6th sets the tone for the month, in terms of sorting out the work/life balance. If you are tempted to go awol/scatty/emotionally overwhelmed by any personal scenarios; and do a runner on some tricky obligation/wobble out at the vicissitudes of familial relations/lose yourself in some confusing or delusional emo connection –at the expense of maintaining focus on the broader life plan? Not so much, obviously. What you are after here is tuning into what really inspires you in your personal life; the better to make your home a genuine sanctuary/embrace some unconditional love and forgiveness in your closest relationships, including familial and


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING Well the Full Moon of the 6th in your talent sector is amazing –if you can get your head around broadcasting that genius of yours out into the world! Yes to shameless self-promotion, networking the hell out of any social/professional opportunities to get ahead and a more inspired, confident version of creative self-expression on your part. I mean I know you like to fly under the radar and prefer stealth progress/secretive strategies to get ahead/an enigmatic public profile… and yes that’s fine. Especially as subtle Neptune does favour quietly incubating your creative process and tuning into your very own muse for maximum inspiration in early September. But this month a


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING There’s just no getting around the brilliance that is lucky Jupiter in your sign in league with sparky Uranus in your love/partnership sector all month… To the extent that you are currently rocking a beautifully inclusive personal confidence–meaning that you embrace exactly who you are with a healthy, holistic, unapologetic self-acceptance, not just cherry-picking your ‘nice’ qualities and denying the rest, as Librans are sometimes wont to do? You’re strutting around feeling pretty damn good, and nicely comfortable in your skin right now. Good, and all the better to come at any key peeps in your life with the same radical, unconditional acceptance of exactly who they are-s


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING The Full Moon of the 6th is a bit of a cracker, and a nice start to the month as follows: The Moon in your love/partnership sector, conjunct the healer Chiron for some powerful emotional authenticity/radical vulnerability/re-connection for any key relationships on your radar. This is a great opportunity to really feel whatever’s going on interpersonally with an exquisite sensitivity, the better to reach a more subtle and genuine understanding with your loved ones; not to mention a more honest relationship with yourself, which is lovely. Mars into Virgo from the 6th is a rush of raw, kinaesthetic energy to power you through the next 6 weeks; with a more brave, audacious, am


Leo season hits full throttle with the Leo New Moon now upon us, exact 4.30am August 22nd, AEST. And not just a New Moon but a flow blown Solar Eclipse, and the second Eclipse in row following the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago. So the magic in the air; that very Aquarian capacity to imagine new possibilities and that very Leonine capacity to creatively manifest them is palpable right now! New Moons are always an opportunity for fresh emotional perspective: and this one is brash, creative, talented, sexy, positive, radiant with golden confidence and pregnant with possibility! In so many ways it's all about what we do with the raw creative energy available here... it's us to to channel


So we're coming into a tricky/exciting pre-eclipse weekend here...We're prepping for the big Leo New Moon Eclipse this tues- revving up all the firepower of Leo season so we're just busting to bust a move & get on with our brilliant self-expression already! Yes yes but its also dark moon until Tues-requiring whatever regenerative down time we can score in between being incandescently amazing -and no burning ourselves out excessive partying...I mean next week is gonna be even more energising than now, and much more clarity about fresh new beginnings so we want to pace ourselves huh? And it's also Mercury (& a bunch of other planets) retrograde.. so do take the time to check the fine print/hol


Saturn is the rules, the system, discipline, authority, control -the patriarchy, basically: Image; Pierce Brosnan (swoon), GQ France. And Lilith is independence, rebellion, personal freedom, the ultimate fuq-you outlaw: Image: unknown source So it's a bit of a WTF energy that these two are hanging out in close proximity pretty much until the end of the year -and certainly almost EXACTLY on top of each other until early September...and in rebel-heart Sagittarius- woah baby we're in for some paradigm-busting to keep us honest! So what do we think is going to go down here??? Image: Star Wars, Darth and Leia hanging out. I mean being a full-blown Sag/Lilith type myself I'm not exactly objective


Image: The wonderful Serpentfire Tarot Full Moon in Aquarius/partial Lunar Eclipse coming up, exact 4..11am August 8th, AEST. So Full Moons tend to be a rising up of whatever emotional material that has been fomenting all month; and in Aquarius we tend toward a cool, detached analysis of these feelings rather than getting too down and dirty actually feeling them. Which on the one hand can be genius for taking a deep breath, stepping back and seeking to understand ourselves/each other, for maximum self-awareness, integrity of expression as we move through this lunation... But on the other hand we want to watch that we don't just disassociate, firewall ourselves off from our emotional body and


Mighty Pluto is now squaring off with lucky Jupiter; and together they're going to power much of the astrological momentum throughout August, so I guess we better get our heads around this dynamic already... Jupiter is our wildling,exuberant lust for freedom and unencumbered, expansive, visionary possibilities in life. it's where we fly free and constantly seek new horizons; so we really don't appreciate restriction/rules/heavy shizz wherever we're trying to get our groove on, when Jupiter is in play... And Jupiter is also the eternal philosopher; we want to live a meaningful life -even if that meaning is to remain joyful, open to possibilities and embrace personal growth no matter what... S