JULY HOROSCOPES are UP -could this be the month to help set us FREE?

Image: the wonderful Gregory Colbert July is here, as mid-year turns us toward a new cycle heading toward the second half of this most interesting year. We have a Mars/Pluto/Lilith stand off, tempting us to indulge in control-freaky, power-trip tactics with one another; which of course we transcend by owning our shizz, cultivating a healthy internal locus of power and the respectful relationship dynamic that naturally flows from that. And a Full Moon in Cancer on the 9th, to test our mettle re authentic, nurturing emotional habits and keep the self care/nourishing love connections real. And the fire trine between Saturn in Sag (the kind of personal freedom you earn), Uranus in Aries (unapolo


CANCER/CANCER RISING Well first of all you’re loving Mars in your sign right now, for a primal blast of raw energy (for whatever turns you on), personal empowerment/ambition and will-to-thrive in the world to carry you through the month. And then there’s the Mars/Pluto opposition coming into play from July 3rd. This frictional energy seems to pit you against the rest of the world/a certain someone to the extent that power trips/proving a point/asserting your own important agenda/ambitions in the face of challenging opposition is playing out in your life right now. But it’s also primo time for bonding with others on a powerful level. Any magnetic attractions on your radar, for example, are cr


LEO/LEO RISING The Destiny Point is throbbing away in Leo right now, reminding you daily of your optimum personal potential/the importance of following the beat of your own drum/the power of your own fabulosity in the world etc-which of course you love! And the way to optimise this is all about taskmaster Saturn in your self-expression sector: I mean raw, fake-it-till-you-make-it bravado is one thing, and you’ve got it covered with that brilliant charisma and confident talent of yours. Yes; but also grinding creative discipline, uncompromising attention to the quality of your work and finessing your natural talent with a consistent work ethic is the way forward right now, ready or not. Come


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING Well for a start, Venus into your career sector from the 6th is a nice blast of professional confidence to get the month moving. It’s time to grab your best, natural talent and run with it for some nice career momentum. And also glamour up your look in the world; maybe polishing your professional wardrobe/shmicking the charm offensive at work/investing in some proper, shameless self promotion/savvy branding in biz could be the way forward? Because the Full Moon of the 9th helpfully revs up your creative confidence. And with Pluto on board it’s a powerful, updated new version of rocking your best talent in the world to turn you on mid month; and transform your perspective o


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING The Full Moon of the 9th is in your home sector and on top of change god Pluto, so you’re acutely aware of how to transform any domestic/familial/real estate scenarios in your favour this month. Any challenging power trips on the home front? You keep it real and emotionally authentic for best results. Any potential upheavals around your domestic base? You embrace new possibilities! Choosing where you want to live/the family and home dynamic you want to create on your own terms-absolutely! And also any shacking up with a lover/seductions staged on home turf this month could be so hot and promising! Oh yes… And getting the foundations right in your personal life right now is


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING Well for a start, Venus in your sex/money sector, all month from July 5th is totally your cup of tea! You get to delight your lover with your sweetest love techniques (& vice versa) for some gorgeous romantic bonding. And if single/on the prowl you get to practice that famous, hypnotic seduction thing you do with even more devastating success than usual, oh yes. And also cash -you finesse any financial/biz negotiations with irresistible charm. Yes Saturn/Lilith in your income sector confirms your usual cunning, control-freaky biz acumen; and then Venus says you are also (or at least pretend to be) sweetly trusting about financial flow and viola, abundance happens! Win-


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING Well how about the Full Moon of the 9th in your independent income/autonomy sector but also activating your sex/intimacy/shared resources sector? You begin the month finessing the subtle balance between personal freedom and cultivating the deeper, more rewarding/passionate/lucrative entanglements in your life… This is normal for this time of year, Sag love lives often get moving about now –but this month is particularly intense: The Mars/Pluto opposition here could be spectacular/headfuq power trips revealing themselves (watch out!). But also off the hook attraction chemistry with someone who is thrillingly, terrifyingly, incandescently your equal! You, my frie


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING There is an unshakeable self-assurance, personal integrity, strength of character at your core right now, and that would be 2 years of your ruler, Saturn grounding you in your soul sector and now joining Lilith for an even more authentic sense of self –this is so valuable! Ok and this can also be obstinate, bitching unwillingness to compromise just for the bloody-minded sake of it, lol, so we want to watch that. Because this brutally honest, empowered self knowledge is the perfect foundation from which to face the Full Moon of the 9th – which is about facing your shadow and your most powerful strengths the better to walk your talk, hold your own in the world and cl


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING Let’s start with career/personal excellence. Mars in your day-job sector is a gritty, determined work ethic and you’re looking for something to do with it! A restless, kinaesthetic energy is driving you and you could do worse than channelling this into some focused ambition and hitting the gym/yoga mat etc to burn it off/rev up your fierce physical strength and well being this month. And Venus in your talent sector is helpfully revealing your core, creative strengths right now. If you want to go chase optimum work prospects (yes you do), might as well focus on whatever you’re really, naturally good at –the better to show off professionally with that inimitable spunk


PISCES/PISCES RISING Think about this for a good time: Saturn in your biz sector provides some awesome career structure and requires the solid, consistent work ethic to match. And Lilith provides the bitching authenticity to make sure you’re slogging toward something that actually matters to you and going to set you professionally free, long term. Mars in your talent sector is aggressively brazen self-promotion that actually works. And then Mars into your work sector from the 21st is where you follow through and show your fans that yes you do walk your talk, and just as brilliant as you say you are. Of course. The Destiny Point in your day job sector is spookily on-point regarding your chose


ARIES/ARIES RISING On the one hand your ruling planet, Mars, lurking in your private, domestic sector until the 21st could have you laying low and not so much out and about in the world? And yes it’s true, control freaking the home base and pulling the ideal family/housemate/décor scenario together is important right now for sure. But it’s actually about setting the right foundation from which to launch your professional/public life this month as much as anything else. Because the Full Moon of the 9th is a big, Pluto/Mars powered chance to transform your career plans with a more empowered attitude. You get any power trips out of the way/finesse your relationship with any authority figures on


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING So Saturn in your sex/money/shared resources/intimacy sector for the last few years has been feeling a bit restrictive. It’s all about entanglements involving obligatory, accountable commitment/endless patience/paying your debts (or trying radical/isolating independence to avoid the above, which aint much fun either at the end of the day?). And even for a solid, steadfast soul like yourself it’s been a bit much… So you’re loving Lilith meeting Saturn this month and bringing a bit of spunky, healthy self-determination back into the mix! You assert yourself more clearly in love/family/biz scenarios. And, perhaps more thrillingly, you attract the kind of peeps into your clo


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING The month begins with Venus into your sign from the 6th, so that’s always nice for a glowing complexion and renewed sense of personal style, creative expression and sparkling confidence for the month. Not to mention romantic confidence/attraction allure- you’re gorgeous, up for love and everyone knows it. Which comes into play when Venus magnetises Saturn/Lilith in your love sector by the 25th, when perhaps your existing partnership comes into a nicer, harmonious sense of steady commitment. Or your relationship is having some control freaky/bitching moments, and you do the work to charm/gently negotiate the situation back into an easier flow? Or you’re so happy to be sin


Cancer New Moon, coming up 12.30pm June 24th, AEST. New Moons are always a fresh perspective, and in Cancer it's very much on an emotional, intuitive, creative level that we're renewing our approach. The Cancerian attitude is all about emotional well-being. We nurture ourselves and each other with some real emotional support/hugs/bonding with our family or tribe/good, honest, nourishing soul food (preferably shared over a convivial dinner table /exploring a rewarding creative process in whatever arty thing we do... And with Mercury on top of this Moon it's intelligence that turns us on right now-and with Chiron the healer on board it's specifically emotional/intuitive intelligence we're deal


Neptune is now turning retrograde-and for the most enchanted planet of all this phase can span some pretty wild, and surreal highs and lows... Neptune is our most inspired creative, spiritual, emotional connection with nothing less than universal, divine flow... Artists/poets/musicians amongst us are supremely moved by their creative muse... but with the retrograde it's more about revisiting our process and editing/refining/re-evaluating our work to reveal new levels of brilliantly clear, lucid self expression. Not to mention lucid dreaming -our night time journeys are frankly surreal right now -but again so brilliantly revealing... Spiritual seekers/yogis/shamanic types amongst us are requi


So the Moon briefly energises Mars and Pluto today and tomorrow, which could spark a flash lust/attraction moment -and if so it's only a taste/prelude of a much more tangible, volcanic opportunity for passionate connection with the Mars/Pluto chemistry of early July. So we're really just warming up for big , sexy energy in our romantic lives, building as we speak... If you're in love (or ok, lust), or you want to be? Yep could be mating season coming up! Not least because the lovers, Venus and Mars are in beautiful, natural synergy right now. We are finding it so much easier this week to love up our partner with easy, harmonious pair bonding -it's timely (and important) to remind each other

SAG FULL MOON -NO holding back NOW!

Full Moon in Sagittarius, exact 0.09am June 10th AEST -right on top of the boisterous momentum of Saggy ruler, Jupiter turning direct; so it's time to howl at the moon with our best, wildling exhilaration for sure... Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emo has been building up throughout the month, and in Sag it is the ferocity of our rebellious, freedom loving spirit that we're coming to terms with right now. Image: Helmut Newton We wanna run free, go commune with nature in the wilderness, whisper our secrets to the forest/the ocean/an animal friend, hit the open road and feel the wind in our hair, rebel against the system, protest some injustice in the world, find a partner in cr


So Venus has been in firing us up in Aries all year so far (pausing only to touch base with Pisces emotions intermittently) -so now we can reflect on what we've learned from all this romantic/interpersonal/creative firepower? Do we have our more impetuous passions integrated and in check by now or what? Because we have a change of pace with Venus in earthy Taurus, from now until July 6th, for a month of delicious grounding -we get to slow down and smell the roses for a while. Venus loves being in Taurus! Because she's on home turf here, in one of the signs of her rulership she gets to luxuriate and really feel into her divine feminine power right now and so do we... This is where we get rig


Image: Salvador Dali -a Mars in Cancer native- being a fabulous weirdo! Mars just into Cancer, from now until July 20th, and the warrior god Mars in the watery, intuitive sign of Cancer is ok, an odd match in a sense. Mars tends to power forward impulsively but Cancer likes to scuttle sideways whilst checking out the terrain with a strategic eye first; so we might have to adjust to a more lateral, seemingly kooky but actually very savvy approach to things for a while... So now we are highly strategic: we feign cool indifference whilst we're silently, subtly scheming the next move (almost like a martial art), the better that when we do strike it's with swift, sharp precision -because we've pr