VENUS back in ARIES- & now she means BUSINESS!

So I've written lots about Venus enjoying an extensive tour of firebrand Aries these few months -here, here and here. So I won't go on about the details too much again now: except to say that to the extent she's been wonking around retrograde & in and out of Pisces much of the time thus far -she now roars into Aries in full, direct power from 11.14pm today- June 7th. Five weeks of full, pure Aries moxy ahead! And that Aries Venus is a fierce, independent, passionate, brave, brazen warrioress spirit for us to channel in all our love, romance, creative, enterprising biz, beauty and arty imperatives in life. We're ready to lower our Ram horns and charge forward to claim what's ours in all thing


Ok I'm gonna fess up right here; I love Taurus energy & I love New Moons so I'm probably gonna give this one a good rap! Taurus New Moon, exact 10.16pm April 26th AEST. New Moons are always a lovely rush of fresh new perspective; and in earthy Taurus its a chance to score a clearer, healthier relationship with our physicality. So issues around physical pleasure and well-being, food, sex and money become paramount this week... Ideally we embrace an easy, natural comfortability in our body; lush out on delightful, nurturing, life-affirming pleasures and gratifications (without greedy-guts bingeing/over-indulgence), and ground ourselves via gardening, yoga, massage, hands-on crafty creativity a


Mars, our motivational ambition planet into Gemini (April 21st-June 5th) and viola, there goes our concentration span! Mars is how we get things done, and we're just coming out of steady Taurus progress, but now we have Gemini energy -which doesn't plod perseveringly so much as seriously multi-task... Gemini is not exactly renowned for patience: Gemini Mars flits cheerfully from one exciting thing to another with a sparky restlessness that lends us (1) a genius alacrity with which to juggle a million things with a kaleidoscopic breadth of interest and expertise -we're all over everything all at once and loving the million doors that potentially could be opening to us at any given point. The


Venus has been wonking out retrograde for 6 weeks, and backwards in oceanic Pisces since early April; so there's been some overwrought emo coming up around our love/romance, creative talent/biz/financial potential, looks/self esteem scenarios -or perceived lack of- for sure. But we've done so well processing these new insights and busy forging new and improved values and paradigms around this; the better to valiantly resist any self-destructive/sooky tendencies that may have been sorely tempting us lately? Well done! And if we're feeling a little fatigued by the struggle against the riptide of Venus retro self doubt and wondering when it's gonna damn well let up -I'm here to tell you Venus h


Saturn (which at it's worst can represent the brutal authoritarianism of 'the system') retrograde in Sagittarius-the sign of philosophical idealism-has been tough recently. I mean the Saturnian, NWO war machine is in full swing & it's gonna take our best, collective voice of liberty, freedom, personal sovereignty, global fraternity, peaceful Non-compliance with the psychopathic warmongers to tell it to fuq right off! So seeing Patti Smith live this weekend was so inspiring! She is still THE original rebel heart -a Saturn ruled Capricorn who uses that Saturnian ferocity with such raw power, grace AND joyful lust for life. Wow! An ageless, androgynous, shamanic goddess with punk rock swagger,


Image: Mantra by Devany Wolfe Full Moon in Libra 5.05pm, April 11th AEST. So where Full Moons tend to bring up any emo that's been brewing recently -in Libra it's to do with romance, relationships generally, art, biz and beauty, and boy has this stuff been simmering away lately or what! We have Venus -Libra's patron planet midway through an extensive tour of Aries; Libra's opposite sign and all about bolshie autonomy &hurry the fuq up instant gratification in defiance of Libra's preferred harmonious, shmoozy- relating modus operandi. And in highly sensitive Pisces for April- so our need for Venusian, pleasurable satisfaction becomes even more oceanic, intense and insistent. But Venus retrogr


Venus is currently midway through an extensive tour of fiery Aries, and retrograde for the last month in such an impatient sign-where love/art/beauty/creative/biz projects have seemed interminably stalled- has frankly frazzled our nerves to peak irritable, yes? So Venus popping into mystical, slippery Pisces from April 3rd has hopefully made the introspective, fluxy, transitional, un-pindownable, un-forceable, slippery energy of this retrograde that little bit easier to navigate with some zen flow? For the next two weeks we have Venus retro in Pisces, where we get to drop the Aries bluster of wanting it all fuqing now in favour of gently, intuitively getting in touch with our actual feelings


April is ready to go and the scopes are up here. There's some nice frisson for a good time, with adventurous Jupiter, potent Pluto and uncompromising bitch Lilith power-tripping us to grow the hell into a more powerful version of ourselves; so there's some sparky personal development right there. And a rebel Libra Full Moon on the 11th, with Jupiter and maverick Uranus calling us to the beat of our own drum - no sheeple complacency! And the Taurus New Moon of the 26th directs us on a steady, solid path toward the magical Destiny Point- where our compass points to the beautiful future... So there's plenty of momentum, but also enough planetary retrogrades to remind us that it's sometimes one