PISCES/PISCES RISING So think about this for a good time, love goddess Venus pops back into Pisces on April 4th, and stays there for the whole month! So April is all about getting a grip on your thriving love/romance/art/beauty/money/personal charisma potential, for a good time. Especially any progress you were making in these areas of life in January, that has somehow felt unresolved or unfinished since then? April picks it up for sure. So the first half of the month is exploring possibilities/your best strategy around the finer, Venusian things in life. You re-evaluate your love-life, your creative process, your look, your preferred mode of self-expression; and see if there are any new ins


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING Venus is in your income sector all month – so if your thoughts are turning to cash- and how to score more of it, you could be onto something… The first half of April is Venus retrograde, where you are re-evaluating any immediate financial schemes, based on the values/aspirations that matter to you right now and how you plan to monetise them, the better to live the life you want to live. You are playing with possibilities and finessing your strategy for the moment, then the 16th onwards is time to action/explore these plans more decisively. The Full Moon of the 11th is helpfully in your vision sector and with lucky, optimistic Jupiter, where your fab instincts re big


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING Lucky Jupiter in your biz sector hassling Pluto in your sign is a fierce determination to realize your fullest potential right now, beyond even normal Capricorn expectations –and that’s saying something for a success monger like yourself! Mainly you’re driven to challenge yourself for the satisfaction of digging deep and facing any obstacles with a clear internal locus of power – just for the personal growth, transformation and will-to-thrive that’s in it. The fact that Jupiter wants to translate any personal discipline on your part into fab, spectacularly promising career/life opportunities is almost like an added bonus… The Full Moon of the 11th features some big


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING So first of all bitch goddess Lilith is really getting her strut on in Sag right now; blasting any temptation to compromise/chicken out of life’s big challenges way out of the water! Not that you’re one to do tepid self-doubt anyway; but after a few years of Saturn grinding away at your moxy with endless, disciplined personal-growth imperatives (coming to an end in December btw-nearly there!), you can be forgiven for a little energetic fatigue at this point? Yeah sure, but no. Lilith is anchoring a fiercely challenging yet potentially lucrative tension between your lucky ruler, Jupiter and potent Pluto. Your no-nonsense approach to doing things on your own term


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING You’ve been busy with an extended Venus transit of your day-job sector, where you profitably focus on professional development –and this picks up again in May; but meanwhile Venus in your play/creative/talent sector all of April is all about fun! Your usual seething, enigmatic intensity about everything might just have to give way here. It’s the season to lighten up, embrace some bubbly/exuberant self expression in the world, make some productive/innovative creative mistakes the better to get your arty mojo moving/take time out to share easy, life-affirming good times with your tribe/children/lover etc. And speaking of love: If you’re on the dating scene it’s about fli


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING You’ve been busy enjoying the dubious pleasure of head-fuqing yourself trying to untangle past love drama lately, with Venus retro in your partnership sector; a process which has every chance of productively resolving itself when Venus gets moving on your romance mojo during May. But for April, romantic patience please! For now, Venus gets on with business and so do you. The first half of April is Venus retrograde in your work/lifestyle sector, where you keep an eye out for the following: brewing workplace rivalry/tensions, questioning your aptitude for your current gig with unnecessary self-doubt. Not to mention a tendency to hit the pleasures in life (hitting the couch w


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING Venus retro in your sex/debt sector recently has been about unpicking certain entanglements -constructively of course, with Virgo finesse and planning to pull a new and improved version of your love/money life together this month? Well yes, but Venus is now retrograde in your partnership sector until mid April! Aargh? Well before you throw your hands in the air and say love sux –or biz collaborations suck for that matter- steady on and keep finessing the details for now. Certainly Venus forward from the 16th will be a nice lift for your attraction mojo, a clearer/more sane momentum with your main squeeze or a better class of suitor if you’re on the prowl –until June! So ye


LEO/LEO RISING Love goddess Venus spending the whole month in your sex sector has gotta be hot, right? Well yes –to the extent that you’re prepared to spend early April digging a little deeper into your capacity for genuine intimacy/vulnerability; and addressing (maybe even ditching) any unhelpful emo around this? Yes this could be a little challenging, but I tell you what; when Venus gets moving from the 17th and romantic prospects become more clear –you’ll be so glad you’re ready to pounce with full self awareness about what/who you want and what you’re honestly ready to do about it… Get ready, the second half of April could be spectacular for the healthy Leo love life! Same goes for any f


CANCER/CANCER RISING The Full Moon of the 11th is about you clawing as much space as you can, to get the work life balance right for maximum personal freedom. Mid month is great for finessing the Cancerian lifestyle as follows: The Moon in your home sector with expansive Jupiter has you broadening your domestic horizons. Perhaps real estate biz/a move/reno etc, or emotionally bonding with your family/co-habs more effectively, or even eyeing off far horizons and scheming a whole new location/adventure in your life? Any which way your instincts are so on point re this! And Uranus in your biz sector has you prepared to score as much innovative/maverick flexibility in your career as necessary; b


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING Venus in your friends sector has had you buzzing out & about in social butterfly mode, which you love –and more to come in May so good times ahead. But for April, Venus focuses on biz and so do you. April 4th-15th is Venus retrograde in your career sector, ideal for re-working strategies and finessing any vocational dialogues with plenty of room for ongoing negotiations. Then Venus forward from the 15th onwards is great for getting a move on with a bit more confident momentum. New opportunities that turn you on professionally? Yes, the second half of the month is a great time to grab them! Because the Full Moon of the 11th in your talent sector is so inspiring. Uranus l


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING You might have been feeling a bit reclusive with your ruler, Venus in your clandestine soul sector recently –and this may continue in May/early June. So Venus popping back into your social sector all April could be a fab foray back into the scene –for a bit of friendly, busy, popularity buzz for the month… You reconnect with your ever-loving tribe –to the extent you’ve been neglecting them lately-and maybe some much older friendships also come out of the woodwork, for a fab blast from the past. In any case out and about, extrovert you is a good look right now, or at least returning certain phone calls/social invitations you’ve been tempted to ignore? April is time to get


ARIES/ARIES RISING Look given that you are in the middle of 3 1/2 months of Venus in your sign, you’ve presumably been loving your own sensational love/beauty/art charisma recently and more to come? Yes for sure. But the catch is that –just for April- Venus pops back into your clandestine soul sector, so your charms are more low-key right now… A bit of time out -in between charging around the world being talented/gorgeous/brilliant –to attend to some replenishing spiritual/shamanic/solo practice could work so well, at some point this month? Meanwhile you’re not exactly slacking on the career front. Lucrative Pluto has your number; where you’re pretty fearless, actually, about grabbing any fa


The background of this Aries New Moon is power-trippy Pluto squaring off rebellious Jupiter AND both of them aggravating bitch goddess Lilith! Pluto is digging up some appetites & we want what we want bad: but Venus retro till mid-April maybe means we just can't get no satisfaction, quite yet. Annoying, but the point is that we are cultivating some character building self discipline yes? Yes?? We're probably kicking against the lessons (& whoever is annoying the hell out of us) and chafing at the bit a little here -I mean the whole thing is fuqing frustrating tbh... Aries doesn't like being told what to do one little bit, neither does Jupiter and Lilith certainly won't have it. Feeling a tad


If you're feeling a brand new, zesty spring in your step right now, and busting to do something about it? That would be the gorgeous Aries New Moon, exact 12.57pm today, March 28th, AEDT. New Moons are always a fresh, clean new attitude and rush of emotion, and in Aries it's a can-do, impatient, courageous desire to get on with it that drives us forward. We say fuq it to any limiting, defeatist ideas we've been tempted to indulge lately and say a big YES to whatever turns us on, productively challenges us and makes us stronger. Yes, it's that simple and that scary - I dare you to give it a go! I mean ok, this Moon also involves Venus -travelling frustratingly retrograde; where we're right in


Of course I was going to say Mars gets down and dirty in Taurus, but it's not that kind of post... (well you never know with me, lol, let's see how we go). Mars has been in impatient Aries since Jan 29th, and joined by Venus for most of that time. So we've had a double whammy of brisk, sparky, let's get the fuq on with it chutzpah pushing us forward for a while. Some of us have made great progress here, and all fired up to continue onwards, and some of us have been driving too hard against certain obstacles and feeling quite thwarted for it, frankly. So now we have Venus retrograde in Aries for the next month -so we're gonna have to step back and learn the meaning of patience for a bit eithe


Virgo Full Moon coming up, 1.53am March 13th, AEDT. Full Moons are always a release of any emotional energy we've been holding onto all month, and Virgo has an interesting/paradoxical thing going on about feelings as follows: Virgo is a smarty pants (and for good reason, they're ruled by clever Mercury, think things through carefully and therefore pretty damn switched on, don't you know?); and does like to analyse/categorise/rationalise their feelings into manageable units of information. As in if I can only understand why I feel this way, I can process it more intelligently and therefore not become overwhelmed by raw, WTF urges and (god forbid) lose control! Which is understandable, as such


In my Venus in Aries post here, I pointed out that Venus in Aries for 3 1/2 months is quite a long time to be firing up our fab love/art/beauty mojo; and that she spends much of it wonking out retrograde -starting now. So March 5th- April 16th is Venus in backwards motion and a great time to re-evaluate, revise, re-hash, revitalize and rediscover our best attitude to all things Venusian, as follows: Beauty. This is where we grow impatient/bored silly by our old, habitual beauty regime and prime time to scheme a whole new look. Yes, Aries is spunky and our aesthetic sensibilities are bound to be sharp and on point. But the retrograde phase is more clearing out -brilliant for a ruthless wardro