It's nearly 2017 (thank goodness!) and a New Moon in Capricorn -exact 4.53pm today AEDT-to help usher in the ides of a fresh New Year... New Moons are crisp, clean new energy and Capricorn is nothing if not a raw, crisply efficient attitude to get on with it already! This Moon also involves Pluto, god of death/rebirth and transformation. So we've had the seeds of some pretty major transformation in 2016, and plenty of death in our collective zeitgeist; so here's to the rebirth part coming up as we align ourselves with the next stage. And Capricorn also loves success and making a bit of coin whilst we're at it, and so does Mr lucrative Pluto so for many of us we're getting our heads around so


Mr Change, Uranus is opposing Mr adventure, Jupiter -pretty much exact until April (!), and there's a restless, seeking energy in the air for sure! This aint no sit back and take in the serenity vibe, no: it's strap in for the wild ride you know you've been itching for -and maybe you can take in some cool scenery along the way as you watch your life change before your eyes -2017 looks like it's gonna be nothing if not exciting! Thrillingly unexpected, but apt, crazy opportunities are liable to strike at any moment; and yes we grab them obviously. and there's also a certain yearning, achingly poignant craving kind of mood -wanting to be anywhere but here- that could also strike at any point i


Image: Jerry Hall and Arnold Shwartzannegar by Helmut Newton So I've just posed that Mars into Pisces requires all kinds of subtlety in our self expression, and wouldn't you know it we've got Mercury turning retrograde tonight (8.55pm AEDT) as well! Dialogues are about to get real nuts ... yes possibly sexy but also veering toward batshit insane. For the rest of the week we so feel the imperative to intrigue, beguile and stun each other with strange messages -ok but watch that fine line between kooky, cute little messages and full blown disastrous misunderstandings! Lets keep a cool head on us, as much as possible x Image; Antonio Lopez & Jerry Hall, British Vogue.


Image: photo by Khristio Mars the Warrior god has been weirding out in Aqua recently, and now he swims into the relatively calm waters of Pisces (7.22pm tonight AEDT-Jan 28th) ...or are they? Mars is all about the pursuit of our desires in full, macho assertive mode as an expression of the individual ego, and as such he can have a tricky time in the undifferentiated, oceanic realms of Pisces. Mars is brazen and explicit about his needs. Pisces is subtle and elusive. Mars kind of rails against this dissipation of his fierce moxy. We're gonna have to work this strange combo for the next 5 weeks as best we can. The male principle is about to get enchanting, slippery, shifty, stra


Love Goddess Venus is now in Aquarius (from Dec 8th-Jan 4th), where we are enjoying a more liberated approach to love, mating, beauty and art. Venusian values tend to favour prerogatives like giddy romantic attraction and personal desirability in relationships whilst Aquarius is possibly the most platonically inclined sign of all; tending to prioritise things like loyalty, friendship, intellectual compatability, high-end principles, personal space and permission to be kooky/fabulously individualistic/queer/gender fluid/unpredictable/un-pindownable in all personal relations. Not to mention kooky as fuq in our aesthetics, appearance, personal expression and arty creativity. ​Image: Rosalind Ru


Full Moon in Gemini coming up 11.05am AEDT tomorrow, Dec 14th. Full Moons are always an emo release point of some sort, and in Gemini the results can be skittish: On the one hand Gemini is a mutable, fluid, multi-faceted air sign and doesn't want to get bogged down in anything too heavy -we prefer to play with nuance, witty riposte and permission to change our mind every 3 seconds. But on the other hand Saturn is firmly opposing this Moon; where there is a definite sense of getting our shizz together with our best, grown-up, self awareness about our current needs. Because Gemini is also all about communication, and if we're not grounding ourselves in some kind of emotional truth (even if it