New Moon in Libra, 10.11am tomorrow, Oct 1st, AEST. Libra new Moons are always a lovely fresh burst of creative, design, beauty, romantic and relational inspiration. We make art, love, good conversation with delightful panache; and looking glowingly gorgeous while we're at it. It's a refreshed approach to lushed up, stylish Dolce Vita living. And this Moon is gloriously powered by optimistic, adventurous, expansive, positive, exuberant Jupiter. Jupiter is all about living large, the good fortune that comes from trusting in the bounty of the universe and saying YES PLEASE to life; so if we're looking for an instant upgrade to a more confident, exuberant attitude to our current circumstances


Image: Florian Tenk photography Mars into Capricorn today, after dithering in emo Scorpio and wildling Sagittarius all year, so it's (finally) back to business! Libidinous Mars in highly ambitious Capricorn is always a lust for success, with an excellent, bloody-minded willingness to work for it no matter what. And we have Mr Powerhouse Pluto firing up in Capricorn (after 5 months dithering retrograde) just as Mars arrives, so this is one fierce, volcanic awakening of primal, authentic potency for sure! And just wait for the Mars/Pluto hook up around October 20th for a really good time... We have 6 weeks of hard-core work ethic, fierce determination, sexual kryptonite, gutsy personal transfo


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces coming up, exact 5.05am Sept 17th, AEST. Pisces Full Moons are magical, fantastical, psychic rushes of heightened spiritual/creative inspiration and tidal, exquisitely tuned emotional sensitivity to, well, everything! And being an Eclipse and all only intensifies the buzz, obviously. So to start with the obvious precautions; it aint the time for intoxicant benders, berzerk emo outbursts or attempting to supplant current circumstances with any kind fruity, fantasy version of reality going on inside our own heads. Just so you know. But it is great for channelling brilliant artistic expression, poetry, meditation/yoga/spiritual practice, lucid dreaming-with dre


Libra=Relationships, relating, romance, preferably done with a stylishly suave attitude, some polished flirtation/charming banter, elegant dating (as opposed to hot headed hook ups I suppose) etc, and smooth negotiation skills/respectful meeting of equals for more functional connections all round OR bossing each other round (but o so sweetly)/ power tripping covertly, iron fist in velvet glove style. Not to mention an obsession with artistically styled, harmonious aesthetics pervading everything. Jupiter= Freedom! It's bolshie fuq-you-I'll-do-what-I-want attitude, where personal liberty trumps everything else; and we're liable to go bolting out the back door/charging into the sunset at warp


New Moon in Virgo unfolding as we speak- 6.33pm tonight, AEST- and it's a full blown Solar Eclipse! New Moons are always an opportunity to channel fresh new emotional energy through our lives, and this one is especially potent in this regard: It's in Virgo, where we love ditching any naff old ambiguous, emo baggage and scrubbing up for a cleaner, more efficient version of ourselves with pure intent and supremely focused pragmatism. And it's bang on the magical Destiny Point, which is always a pointer to our most directional, karmically right-on, expansive future potential. It'a about accurately identifying that which is our true life-path-and damn well owning it, whilst releasing any fluffy