June is here and the Scopes are Up. And it's a pretty amazing month... We have lucky Jupiter perfecting a conjunction with the magical Destiny Point, which has been brewing all year! We've been wanting to grab our fate with both hands, get our groove on properly and realise some meaningful, life-path accomplishments for for a while now; and June is our big chance to walk our talk on that... But we have Mars retrograde all month as well, in impatient, visionary Sag. We are busting to bust a significant move in our lives, but also aware that we tread softly, with subtle, animal cunning toward our goals for the moment... we're preparing for the more overt action of July in a powerful way, but


CANCER/CANCER RISING If you’re a tad bored from Mars backwards in your work sector, and having had to grind away at the work-ethic thing all May? You might enjoy Mars backwards through your self-expression sector throughout June; where you’re still raking over questions of Cancerian productivity, and having to patiently bang away at maximising your core talent for most efficient results-but at least this month it involves way more arty/creative/playful vibe, and is bound to be more fun if you keep your eye on the ball. Helpfully, the New Moon of the 5th is in your soul sector; with a kind of shamanic tuning in to your spiritual muse; where you get to channel all kinds of inspired creative ma


LEO/LEO RISING Mars retrograde through your home sector may have you questioning all kinds of domestic/familial/real-estate scenarios in your life right now; and I have to say that revisiting and re-thinking any old instincts about where you want to be living, how and with whom is so interesting. This is hugely productive and all but you ideally don’t action this too much until July. You’re still quietly scheming for the moment… Meanwhile the New Moon of the 5th is where you take stock of your chosen social scene, and how effectively you can creatively express who you really are within it. You are seeking your true tribe; you either have your clan/besties gathered around you and you’re fully


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING There has been a stunning piece of astro action brewing in your sign all year, and June is when it hits peak brilliance, as follows: Lucky Jupiter has recently been dancing around with the North Node of the Moon, otherwise known as the Dragon’s Head, because it indicates in what direction we are heading as fierce, dragon-like masters of our own Destiny. I call it the Destiny Point because it reminds us that there is a big picture story driving what we call our true Life Path-something magical that we came to do, be and achieve in this lifetime, long term; and how we might best stay connected with that as we travel forward. Because the thing is that sometimes life sucks, or


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING Your lovely ruling planet Venus has you restless with wanderlust and dreaming of an escape plan; you wish to be somewhere glamorous doing something glamorous-anything more exciting than the daily grind. And the New Moon of the 5th picks up on this nicely-but it’s probably not how you think. It’s when you get that your greatest adventure right now is an internal, shamanic, meditative, yogic, philosophical/academic, finding your inner creative muse thing that you really embrace the groove of June. Sure, you might score a fun trip somewhere and that’s cool, but wherever you are your current inspiration is more of an inner enlightenment, spiritual buzz; thank you Jupiter and t


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING Lilith is in Scorpio and so is Mars! You love these guys, they love you right back and they’re teaming up to give your June a nice edgy vibe -just how you like it. Mars is your traditional ruler, his fierce lust for life and fuq-you wilfulness is right up your alley and his presence in your sign always amps up your ancient, primal power. So you’re thrilled to get this particular aspect of your mojo back in June, right? Ok but I also have to tell you that Mars is travelling retrograde all month, which means that you, frustratingly, have to hold your fire where you might prefer to charge forward with all guns blazing in certain situations. It’s kind of tedious to be so o


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING Mars backwards in your soul-sector all month is kind of magical, where you nail an internal shamanic ferocity that will stand you in excellent stead for the rest of the year. Forget fluffy, new-age, ‘white-lighting’ your problems into a state of self-righteous denial, no-no-no. You are facing any personal demons head-on, realizing and harnessing whatever unconscious desires have been driving your choices lately and transforming any compulsions, addictions, fears, delusions, self-sabotaging crap etc into a more conscious, will-to-thrive kind of ferocious personal power. Yes, it’s happening, and probably whether you think you’re ready for it or not, which is usef


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING The New Moon of the 5th is hooking your ruling planet into an interesting new perspective for the month, as follows: This Moon involves Venus in your work sector; you understand that day job success is all about bringing your best raw talent to the table- you gotta be good at what you do if you’re gonna bother doing it at all! If you’re working some day job that’s not your core competency, but dreaming about doing something more you, it might be worth paying attention to any restive thoughts coming up re this, they’re bound to be inspiring in the long run. And if you are already doing your ideal gig, that allows you to showcase your brilliance then this is the mont


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING I think you can safely expect certain people to be much nicer to you than usual, or to be meeting cool new people who are going to be very nice to you this month; human interaction feels lighter, more trusting, joyful, open, promising and meaningful right now; how lovely is that! Lucky Jupiter with the Destiny Point in your intimacy sector is guiding you toward a truer sense of the deeper emotional connections in your life, and where they are ideally heading. So yes, if you happen to be on the hunt, this may very well be the time that destiny delivers a beautiful new romantic prospect to your door, so to speak. Watch out for seemingly random, but actually very fated


PISCES/PISCES RISING There’s been big love action brewing in your partnership sector all year, and I’m sure you’ve been feeling, in your romantic bones, the enticing promise of future romantic possibilities calling you forward for a while now? Yes, and June (the 20th-22nd in particular) is when this buzz reaches peak, karmic potential. So if you’re already in love, you are both ready to take this thing to the next step because it feels so right and you make each other truly happy, so what’s not to embrace about your wonderful future together?? And if you’re solo and on the hunt, this really is an unusually likely time for fate to deliver some new love interest into your life, who is not only


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING So May was all about love lessons; and now June is professionally character building, with Mars backwards in your work sector all month. You are about to do the focused work of raking over all your recent career moves, the better to re-visit, re-define, refine, revision, tweak and perfect any vocational strategies; and get ready to move forward and get it right in July. Lilith newly into your work sector is a powerful fresh energy to action any intentions around a more fiercely authentic version of the day-job/daily routine/fitness schedule etc. You’re going to be a shining success machine before long, for sure… Meanwhile, the Gemini New Moon of the 5th is a cracker! It


ARIES/ARIES RISING The good news is that Mars, your sexy ruling planet, is back in your actual sex (and shared $) sector, and what’s not to love about that? Your appetites are up, your senses are tingling, your libido is firing and you’re hungry like the wolf to get your fangs into the month and have a good time with it –you love this! Great, but the thing is that Mars is actually retrograde (irritatingly backwards) ALL June, where it’s more about you lurking in the undergrowth, so to speak, sussing out your preferred romantic prey/next sexual conquest/biz strategy carefully for the moment. July is when you pounce forward in overt-action mode, so that’s something to look forward to for sure;


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING The New Moon of the 5th in your income sector has you boggling at just how hot you are right now, when it comes to earning the kind of coin you know you deserve for what you do. This isn’t new news; you’ve always been quite the financial genius, and most excellent at translating your solid talent and professional schmoozing skills into the financial security/self determination you so value. But I have to say that Venus on board, and activating the brazen creative brilliance of lucky Jupiter/ the Destiny Point in your self-expression sector is crazy levels of success this month; to the extent that you’re really, genuinely good at what you do (obviously), shamelessly promo


OMG I want to be an unburnt Khaleesi when I grow up! So now I can't decide whether I'm dying to use this image for the QUEEN OF WANDS (Queen of Fire) OR the STRENGTH card when I launch my Tarot App this year... But anyway, apart from some good guys finally getting somewhere on Game of Thrones recently, was that Daenerys burning the Khalasar thing the BEST. SCENE. EVER on GOT or WHAT???

MARS IS BACK, SEXY as HELL in SCORPIO...this time we're gonna get it RIGHT

Mars hit Scorpio from Jan 4th-March 9th this year, where he began to wake us up to our full, primal personal potential, and now he's back for a second bite of the apple from May 27th-August 2nd. Mars LOVES being in Scorpio, it's the ancient sign of his rulership (long story), and he aint forgotten it! Mars is the force that energises and drives us forward with that thrilled-to-be-alive zestful mojo, and in Scorpio he is particularly in full primordial, senses-tingling, force of nature lust-for-life; and determined to live it as fully and intensely as possible. So as much as Mars has just been getting his don't-tie-me-down, freedom loving Sag thing on recently-to be continued in August- until


Gosh it only seems like yesterday that Venus hit Taurus, but she's a lady on the move, apparently, and already zipping into Gemini- 7.44pm May 24th, AEST. This makes me think that despite all the frustratingly fixed, earthy, retrograde energy about right now, we are not actually prepared to be stuck in our stuff, as such-we may be moving slowly but we're definitely moving nonetheless- the future is calling, and we want a piece of it! Venus rules love, relationships, beauty and art, and in Gemini we do it with a lighter, more mutable, cerebral touch. We're not taking things literally right now; we're playing around with future possibilities and delighting in the multi-faceted nature of person


Bitch goddess Lilith struts her stuff into Scorpio just after midnight tonight AEST-suitably on a wild spirited Full Moon in Sag; cue 9 months of hot-blooded, uncompromising, sexy empowerment coming up... Lilith is the original wild woman archetype, and by wild I mean that she exists on her own terms, happily WAY outside any social/patriarchal constructs of what the feminine principle 'should' be-she really, honestly couldn't give a fuq. Lilith was the first wife of Adam, biblically, and after a snitch about having to 'lie under him' as terms of their marriage stormed off into the wilderness to hang out with wild animals, be fiercely free and do her own thing instead. (and after her came Eve


Image: Gib Lloyd of Miles City at Sundance country fair Full Moon in Sagittarius coming up, 7.14am May 22nd AEST. Full Moons are always a rising up of our emotional reality to the surface, and in Sag these feelings usually have to do with fult-tilt restlessness, dont-give-a-fuq lust for freedom, an extreme -almost violent disdain for rules and details, kinaesthetic wanderlust and you know, the urge to buck off mundane responsibilities and go ride into the sunset/hitchhike down some lonesome highway etc instead... Ok, and the defining aspect of this particular Moon is that it's smack bang on top of Mars-Mr fired up, forward-progress, lust-for-life himself, which should be firing up our full t


What with the ridiculous number of retrograde planets right now, and so much staunchly fixed, languidly slow moving Taurus energy around; we can be forgiven for feeling a tad restless and looking furtively around for some kind of momentum already?? So thank goodness for Jupiter direct, from 10.14pm last night, AEST. Did we wake up feeling a little extra spring in our step this morning? Jupiter is back on track; and he is the god of good luck, good times, really, truly not giving a fuq about bourgeois crap, personal freedom at all costs, a positive, optimistic attitude no matter what, adventurous living, philosophical discourse that helps us to find meaning in it all and you know, booking a t