July 1, 2020


So you know the idea that the caterpillar has to more or less dissolve its physical form in the chrysalis, as it transforms it’s cells into the new form of a butterfly? And there is presumably a moment when the creature’s consciousness is basically surrendering into a disintegrating soup of caterpillar mush, wondering What The Actual Fuq is going on?? I mean in human terms it would probably be calling its therapist right about then, to figure out the existential angst lol. But also imagine it does have a sense, however tangential, of the new evolution coming up, and it’s in the magic of butterfly dreaming that it begins to sprout beautiful new wings & preparing to fly free…

Excuse the poetic license, but of course you can see where I’m going with this metaphor for Aquariu...

May 30, 2020


With spooky Mars/Neptune in your income & cash sector all month, you’re really grappling with such divinely inspired motivation to do something meaningful you love for a living vs indulging your most bonkers/weirdo/dysfunctional financial tendencies. I mean in these strange economic times your instincts are so on point to embrace the flux & come up with innovative solutions to show the rest of us how it’s done. So it would be kind of naff to fuq up now with whatever spectacularly stupid spending/hare brained scheme is currently tempting you; just when you’re on the brink of magically manifesting brilliant, clever opportunities to thrive right??

Because really its all about taskmaster Saturn in your sign for the next 2.5 years- where your optimum new normal is lean, me...

May 2, 2020


So how you going with taskmaster Saturn newly in your sign huh, are you feeling the call to a leaner, cleaner, meaner, more effective version of being you yet?

I mean it’s kind of ironic that in these times of lockdown etc, that the most anarchic, free-thinking sign of all is coming into 2.5 years of hosting the most authoritarian, disciplinarian planet of all –what could possibly go wrong lol?

You are coming to terms with your relationship with rules, responsibility & external authority-which happens for every sign in 29 year cycles, but how interesting for you that your turn comes around just as the collective vibe is all about personal freedom vs towing the line to keep it interesting! You ideally remain sharp & intelligent about this of course, doing the right thing fo...

April 3, 2020


So with Saturn/Pluto in your soul sector lately’ you’ve been doing so much inner work, retreating from the world with a disciplined eye to personal growth & shamanic self development. Ok it’s been hard work facing down your demons etc, but now you get how resilient you can be phoenixing through your issues on your own terms. One could say you’ve been the ultimate introvert & socially isolated for a while now sorting your shizz out…

And the reward is Jupiter on Pluto from the April 1st -such a blast of positive affirmation from deep within your soul. You’re suddenly over the existential angst & open to a wonderful new sense of spiritual optimism that everything is, actually about to work out fine. And of course the more you truly believe this -you’re probably right!


February 29, 2020


So we have to talk about Saturn in Aqua from March 22nd –omg the most conservative planet of all pulling the ‘grow the fuq up’ card on the moat radical sign of all, what could possibly go wrong lol.

Ok so jokes aside, Saturn is coming and the inevitable, character-building lessons about maturity, accountability in the world and personal responsibility for building the material foundation you desire are on, ready or not for the next few years. Adulting 101 much?

Whether this triggers your rebellious instincts, and reacting to any so called authority figures suddenly trying to control-freak your vibe/resisting the ‘straight world’ of responsibilities encroaching upon your personal space? Or whether you’re ready, and savvy about asserting healthy boundaries & playing the game...

February 2, 2020


February, your birthday month feels like a bit of reprieve, to process the intense psycho/spiritual/inner work you’ve been doing since January’s Pluto/Saturn conjunction; and reflect on a deeper connection with your own internal locus of power you may have been realizing lately…

It’s like a new anchor within yourself, where you feel less at the mercy of the slings & arrows of cruel fate/external circumstance etc, and more in touch with a profound equanimity within yourself -you’re at peace with simply being you amongst the madness of the world & give less fuqs than ever what anyone thinks about that, and this simple self-acceptance is such a beautiful thing!

Which I guess prepares you nicely for your annual, mating season Full Moon in your love sector by Feb 9th. It’s...

January 1, 2020


So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Saturn & Pluto drilling down on disciplined spiritual/shamanic personal growth in your soul sector; which is only a taste of just how fiercely self aware & empowered you’re going to be with Saturn in your sign during 2020:

Because this month is like a Pandora’s box of revealing, & facing any deep, unconscious issues & motivations that have been pretty much driving your behaviour for a while now. It’s a treasure trove of rich personal potential down there, in the psychic basement where your personal demons lurk; and if you can conquer them with illuminated self-awareness your most inspired, transcendent sense of true purpose in the world is ready to be unleashed. Omg positive personal growth much? 

Especially with lucky...

December 2, 2019


Babe it’s lucky you are such a cosmic wild child, because December is incandescent with astro action in your magical soul sector; and you want to be fully in tune with a higher spiritual/shamanic inspo to embrace the full potential of this month as follows:

Pluto/Saturn in have been plumbing the depths of your psyche like a search and destroy mission; to root out any defunct, narky self-sabotage patterns and clean house big time. I mean we all have skeletons in the closet/complex unconscious emotional issues it’s not just you; it’s just your time to shine a ruthless light on your crap/face your demons with conscious intent & spiritual/emotional discipline to work it out -talk about draining the swamp!  The better to make peace with who you are & internalise your locus of...

October 31, 2019


So Saturn/Pluto in your soul sector right now is pretty revealing about the inner Aquarius psychic landscape huh? I tell you what any deep, dark personal issues you’ve been carrying around (and lets face it we’ve all got them) are about to be blown out of the water! …Um it’s the season to drain the swamp much?  

This is primo astro for revealing & facing your demons with the most powerful, gutsy courage you’ve felt for years. I mean it might be confronting, but so worth it-because if you’re ever going to transform the Aqua paradigm on the deepest level & rise up singing with a shiny, renewed sense of meaningful soul purpose in your life…omg if not now, when??

Especially with Chiron gently healing your most tricky belief systems, for a healthier more positive attitude....

October 1, 2019


So Mars in your 8th house recently has had you advantageously coming to terms with your deepest, complex interpersonal entanglements –which ok is not necessarily your favourite trip, lol, but you’ve been doing well. Any intense emotional/sexual intimacy, family dynamics or tricky financial negotiations have been flaring up big time. Yes and ideally holding your own; the better to skilfully avoid any power trippy nonsense and focus your ardent energy on whatever healthy connections you’re actually passionate about instead.

Great, well done and now that you’ve nailed the interpersonal priorities/established optimum relationship dynamics; you’re so ready for Mars in your freedom/adventure sector from the 5th, to score the personal space to explore your own thing for a while....

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